Post-Christmas Day offerings of Jose Carillo English Forum’s new Facebook Gateway

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December 26, 2016


Dear Forum Member,


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


This is just to remind you that I have created a new and more current, more interactive, and more convenient entry point for Jose Carillo’s English Forum. It’s through my reformatted Gateway to Great English on Facebook, which you can access easily by clicking the indicated link. (Alternatively, you can go to the Forum Homepage and click the Gateway’s Facebook badge.)


This new Forum Gateway provides running capsule introductions to the most interesting English grammar critiques and to the most thought-provoking readings in the Forum, both new and old, that you might have missed.


These are some of the latest feature offerings in the Forum Gateway now:


1. Three Readings You Wouldn’t Want to Miss: “Never Too Late to Pursue Writing If You’ve Got the Talent”; “The Lovely Clichés Worth Keeping”; and “10 Don’ts That I Wanted To Tell You Some Time”


2. Commemorative Special for the Holiday Season: “10 Enduring Remembrances of Christmases Past” and “Louie Schwartzberg: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude” (for your repeat viewing this Christmas Season)


3. Personal Essays by Jose A. Carillo: “English in a Used Jar” and “Things My English Teacher Never Taught Me”


4. Two Grammar and Writing Lessons You Might Have Missed: “When is a Modifier Misplaced and When is It Dangling?” and “Is It True That English Has No Future Tense?”


5. Two Book Readings You  Might Have Missed: “Measuring Up to the Human Body’s Perfection in Architectural Terms” and “Ray Bradbury’s Stories: A Gift of Language and the Imagination”  


To get regular alerts and updates from this Gateway, register now as my friend on Facebook (if you haven’t done so yet, of course). I look forward to seeing you at the Forum Gateway often!


Again, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Sincerely yours,

Joe Carillo