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palagay ko bawat pilipino ay nararapat magbahagi ng opinyon dito sang ayon man o hindi. nakakagalit ang mga ganiot uri ng tao lalo na kapag kapwa pilipino pa ang gumawa.  pls see for further info about this subject.

Malu Fernandez, Manila Standard Today, Bigotry In The Media

With the recent irresponsible, elitist, bigoted, and discriminating comments made by Manila Standard Today columnist Marlu Fernandez in her People Asia magazine article “From Boracay to Greece” in which she makes many belittling comments about Overseas Filipino Workers and Filipinos in general, the response from Filipino bloggers have been overwhelming, and have not been light on the criticism. When do we say enough is enough and that we will no longer stand for the bigotry and discrimination that takes place, not only in this country but all around the world?

For her part, in her “apology”, Malu Fernandez addressed the emails responding to her article. However, the apology, was nothing more than another attempt to take a jab at Filipinos and to once again assert that she’s an elite that those in lower socioeconomic classes just fail to understand or comprehend her “wit”.

The People Asia Article

People Asia Magazine Malu Fernandez Article malu fernandez people asia article

Key Statements In Malu Fernandez’s People Asia Article

However I forgot that the hub was in Dubai and the majority of the OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) were stationed there. The duty-free shop was overrun with Filipino workers selling cell phones and perfume. Meanwhile, I wanted to slash my wrist at the thought of being trapped in a plane with all of them.

While I was on the plane (where the seats were so small I had bruises on my legs), my only consolation was the entertainment on the small flat screen in front of me. But it was busted, so I heaved a sigh, popped my sleeping pills and dozed off to the sounds of gum chewing and endless yelling of “HOY! Kumusta ka na? At taga sann ka? Domestic helper ka rin ba?” Translation: “Hey there? Where are you from? Are you a domestic helper as well?” I though I had died and God had sent me to my very own private hell.

On my way back, I had to bravely take the economy flight once more. This time I had already resigned myself to being trapped like a sardine in a sardine can with all these OFWs smelling of AXE and Charlie cologne while Jo Malone evaporated into thin air.

All in all, it’s been a pretty good summer. Jetting from the Aegean Sea to the Pacific may sound a bit pretentious until you wake up in economy class smelling like air freshener.

Response By Marlu Fernandez

Understandably, The Manila Standard Today, received a few emails of complaint, so Malu Fernandez decided to respond.

As I type this, I’d like you to know that it’s not about whining, complaining and bitching but just stating the facts. Just recently, I wrote a funny article in my magazine column and my friends thought it was hilarious. It was humorous and quite tongue-in-cheek, or at least I thought so, until the magazine got a few e-mails from people who didn’t get the meaning of my acerbic wit. The bottom line was just that I had offended the reader’s socioeconomic background. If any of these people actually read anything thicker then a magazine they would find it very funny. Most people don’t get the fact that they need bitches like me to shake up their world, otherwise their lives would be boring and mediocre. I obviously write for the a certain target audience and if what I write offends you, just stop reading.

Although it may sound elitist to you the fact is this country is built on the foundation of haves, have-nots and wannabes. One group will never get the culture of the other. Although I could mention that it is easier to understand someone who has a lower socioeconomic background that would entail a whole other page and frankly I don’t want to be someone to bridge the gap between socioeconomic classes. I leave that to the politicians in my family who believe they can actually help. Now I seriously ask you, am I being a diva or are people around me just lacking in common sense? Perhaps it’s a little of both!

Response To The Response

First of all, there is nothing funny about bigotry, and tongue-in-cheek does not have to entail irresponsible and insensitive statements such as the statements made in her article.

Second, she mentions a few emails, but only mentions the offense of one reader’s socioeconomic background. Notice that reader’s is singular (is this an editing mistake, are there actual editors who edit this crap?). Or maybe, Malu meant that all the emails were complaints of readers having their socioeconomic background offended. But either way, the fact that Malu tries to deflect the actual complaint and goes on another rant in which she again lambastes lower social classes, making another strong statement that indeed she is an elite herself, is further proof of her worth as displayed by her perceived higher class status. In her illogical rant, she implicitly says that the poor have lost their reason to understand her discriminatory comments.

Let me make it clear, the offense is not based on a socioeconomic issue, the offense is based on her statements of bigotry, discrimination, and intolerance against her own countrymen. Politicians, I mean noteworthy and honorable politicians, certainly do believe that they can make a difference. Just because she feels that she can’t make a difference, doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause. The fact that people are actually trying is much more noble, than playing aristocrat and hinting that The Philippines is a lost cause. Yes, I do believe, we can make a difference. And this means, calling out horrible individuals like Malu Fernandez.

I wonder if these acerbic statements will be too harsh for her Malu’s diva reality?


by poetic_angel on August 19, 2007 - 9:36pm

nakakainis nga sya! sobra!


by pampi on August 19, 2007 - 10:13pm

It seems that the pinoy blogosphere has united under a common hatred for one Malu Fernandez, a self-proclaimed “diva” who, by her own admission, needs 17 kg of makeup and accessories to look remotely human.
More eloquent bloggers have already said their piece. There is nothing I can possibly add to further convince the world how big (and I mean that in the most literal sense) a nincompoop Manila Standard Today columnist Malu Fernandez really is.
But oh, how she must love the attention – the most that she has gotten in her “illustrious” writing career. For who has heard of this Malu anyway? All signs indicate that she’s just a sad, lonely woman who gets kicks out of exaggerating the details of her so-called fabulous lifestyle and alleged wealth (what baffles me is why she can’t afford a freakin liposuction). Her insubstantial writing does nothing but magnify the emptiness of her life. If I don’t loathe her so much, I’d actually pity her.
Much as I hated wasting precious hours of my time on this ugly pig, the  psychologist in me needed some answers. As Gen puts it (somewhat mockingly, if I might add), I believe that people are inherently good. There must be something – anything – that explains her almost obscene bravado and reckless condescension.
So, I googled her. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I wasn’t really surprised to find out that other than the barrage of hostile posts from enraged bloggers, there is absolutely no information available on the Malu Fernandez in question.
Where are all the “friends” whose names she reverently drops between ill-conceived lines touting superficiality, vanity, and arrogance? Where are the members of the jet set class who found her deplorable article so funny? Where are all her politician relatives whose efforts, as she flippantly hints, absolve her of her unrepentant egocentricity? Where is her family?
Why are they not defending one of their kind? Or are they too shamed by the idiotic ramblings of an insignificant, overeager “journalist” who regards elitism as some form of religion?
When I showed the controversial article to Gen – the reluctant IS-bred, Melbourne-schooled member of the elite crowd, so reluctant that she actually wears a pair of Islander slippers in intercontinental flights (no kidding!) – she laughed at me for building up too much steam. In response to my incensed ranting, she only had this to say: “Yan, what’s economy class?”
That comment would get Jojo all fired up, but that is so typically Genee. And if you know her as well as I do, you would know that her words translate to: “Who is this woman and who gave her the right?”
(On that note, I can’t wait to read what Paolo Mendoza has to say about the subject.)
If the editors of Manila Standard Today have any sense at all, they would fire Malu Fernandez asap.  If only to salvage their credibility.
If you were to believe Malu Fernandez, anyway, she hardly needs the few bucks that a local paper could scrape for her words of non-wisdom.
Or maybe she does need the money to save up for a much-needed liposuction? One wonders. But one hardly cares.

by Pmel on August 19, 2007 - 11:04pm

I would like to say that some people when they are surrounded by poverty and then given a some sort of luxery, they develop a desire to break away from their misfortunes. They do that to the point of denying their own kind to elevate their status and gain a sense of importance.

That's one possibility for Marlu or Malu's reckless writing. Another possibility is the she is indeed priviledged and does not like to be considered as one of the OFWs, for there are many kinds of Filipinos on the Islands. But since the OFWs are the only type of people foreigners meet in their own country, and many are uneducated, we Filipinos are categorized in that one archetype. For some it can be insulting.

Yes there's no denying that Marlu have insulted us. But the fact that we cannot accept her point-of-view is bigotry in itself. Is it not?

by Rom on August 20, 2007 - 12:52am

oh yes definitely, pmel i myself can accept point of views, even others too i guess, but what i can't accept is an outright insult and baseless criticisms made especially among the OFW's.  Being Malu Fernandez, a writer in a nationwide circulation gives her a much, much big moral responsibility to inform and write responsibly.  Readers don't deserve bigots such as her.  Cursing evil does not make you an evil, cursing a bigot does not make you an extremists.  In this world where reckless people proliferates, it is indeed noble to take your stand and shout out loud the wrong doings you may have witnessed. That's the least we can do

by Alfredo Ferrer on August 20, 2007 - 1:07am

incidentally, i just posted a blog a day ago or two, regarding thoughts about judging or misjudging our fellowmen:

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