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(Delivered [by Antonio A. Hidalgo] at the symposium, “Know Your Assets in Research,” July 29, 2005, University of Santo Tomas, Manila)

Antonio A. Hidalgo is President & CEO of Milflores Publishing. Inc. He turned to writing fiction in his fifties, after completing an international career as the highest-ranking Filipino in UNICEF, and serving in the cabinet of former President Ramos as Secretary General of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC). He has published six collections of his short fiction and plays (two in English, two in Filipino, two bilingual).

Copyright and Rights Explained

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In order for us writers to protect ourselves, we should be more aware of the rights we own when it comes to our works. What follows is an explanation of copyright and various publishing rights as I understand them based on my experiences freelancing for international magazines, and on my own research.

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