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i want to be like your sunday morning,

warm, carefree, gentle, comforting.

i want to be your tea or coffee,

or whatever it is you drink--

hot, cold, sweet, bitter, necessary.

 i want to be the sheets you hide under,

when the sun rays bite your flesh,

and you wake up feeling distraught,

alarmed, uncertain.

i want to be the lines on your palms,

the creases on your forehead,

the curiosity in your eyes,

the curves on your lips,

the breaks on your skin.

i want these things and more,

but above all,


i want to be the dreams in your sleep,

the memories you make,

the aftertaste you seek,

the chances you take,


the promise you keep. 


I think this still needs a little tweaking at the end. I just wrote this on a whim. 

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