My Life on Paper

by Mary Joy Estaniol

"Life is an opportunity, benefit it.

 Life is beauty, admire it.

 Life is a challenge, meet it.

 Life is a struggle, accept it."


                    I was born under the Zodiac sign Pisces which falls on the bloom of March 14, 1993 at the cold and beautiful place of Balaas, Mabuhay, San Fernando Bukidnon. It is just a matter of chance that we are now living at Mandahilag, Talisayan, Misamis Oriental. I am blessed with good and responsible parents, Mr. Rolando and Mrs. Mary Ann Estaniol with a brother and a sister, Reymond and Rose Ann. I am given a beautiful name, "Mary Joy P. Estaniol" and now I am 17 years young. I am a shy type of person who always have a "most behave" medal during my Elementary and High School years, but despite that I'm still proud of myself for being an honor student at times.

                    Happiness? Sadness? That's a cycle of living. As long as we live we can never hide nor escape from this. Life is full of uncertaintes. Life is a struggle so let's accept it. If it's a song , let's sing it. If it's a game so lte's have to play with it. Friends are also our life because we can't live without them as the saying says, "No man is an Island". No one can live without them because we need them as they too. I live my lilfe in excitement. Although I am shy but I now slowly overcoming it. I really like to see people around mingling with others and I really appreciate them for who they are. Life is really not a matter of chance, it's really a matter of choice for us to choose what is best for us.

                    I love to live my life in the future. Living a life to the fullest where my entire family is living together joyfully and peacefully. I can never emagine how everything turns like this where I can no longer feel that ther's something lacking  as if everything is clear and my happiness is great. Living with three children or kids with green eyes and fair-white complexion. Having a hanedsome ultimate husband who is very lovable and caring, who is so madly inlove with me and can't live without me. It's quite fabulous and fantastic. What a happy family living together in a big mansion of gold.

                   As what I've said that life is great and full of adventure for us to dare it, a luck for us to make, and precious for us not to destroy. Life is life for us to fight with. Life is really wonderful if we know how to live.