My Life on Paper

by gladys tac-an

          "Life is so uncertain, puzzling and most of the time - surprising".

          It was 12:45 in the dawn when a mother named Arcelita G. Balista gave birth at the Lipunan Hospital a baby girl named Gladys Tac-an. The reason why they published the name Gladys was that, it represented as a cherished person and as a lucky girl in their life.

          For now, I am 17 years old. I was born on the month of December which dated on innocence dayInnocent. We are only two siblings in our family; one brother named Denmark Tac-an and myself. In honor of being Christianity we belong to a Catholic religion both my parents and I. Together with my mother we are living now at Purok 3, Brgy. 19, Cabuyo-an Eling, Gingoog City.

          During my elementary years I graduated at Don Restituto Baol Central School (DRBCS) then at the time of high School life I also graduated at Gingoog City Junior Collge (GCJC) as a third honorable mention. My beloved school awarded me a Leadership Award given by Gerry Roxas, also I am a Campus Journalist as a News writer in Filipino Category.

          For me, life means so terrific because being a part of a broken family at the age of four had been so hard but now it had given me adversities that are not usually encountered by teenagers but it had strengthen my heart, my mind and my soul. In view hereof, my family belongs to a moderate standard of living. Our source of income is only a small business. Actually, it is very difficult without father because I do help my mother guarding our store, I do drag sacks of rice and also feeds even though those were heavy but I try to take the responsibilities.

          Someday I know that I must be portraying for a woman in demand if I must be a lucky winner of such dream in life. I hope there must be surprises nor unexpected graces that will undergo in our family so that I can pursue those fulfillment of achieving the goal of successes for obtaining the valuable course because these assets are the only thing that I can't be lend to other people or even to the members of the family.