My Life on Paper

by edmundo parnada jr

Wonderful faces having faith in God. God is my guide and my savior in every trial that comes in my life for me to become stronger. Although I couldn’t imagine for many years ago as crazy guy. So far, I need to undergo problems in life. Now I really understand step by step the forgotten pass and move to the present that I have.

Since I was elementary I graduated my kindergarten at Don Restituto Baol Central School, and also I graduated my high school education at Gingoog Christian College (GCC). The memories I’ve been treasured since I was in high school for many years ago. Like bonding, joy and laughter with my friends and classmates. Speaking of high school life compared to college life is not the same anymore as we speak for enjoyment.Smile

My life means happiness. It’s because I have my family, friends, and others. I’ am contented of love what I have now and I know so far in my life and I’ am thankful to God.

I’m Edmundo B. Parnada Jr., 19_year_old young. I was born in Gingoog City, the city of good luck. I’m so lucky and proud living here. I’m residing at Purok 2, barangay 23, this city. My ambition in life is that, to become a professional to help my family. Just like what my family gives from me that someday and somehow I would like to change and return what they have given me.Cool