My Life On Paper

by Earl Jane Macapelit

"Life is challenge that we ought to face, you lose some, you win some but if you never give up sacrifices you have a greatest rewards."

I was born on April 14, 1994 in the Paradise City of Surigao del Norte. My name is Earl Jane Dullo Macapelit, the charming daughter of Mr. Ernie Macapelit and Mrs. Jean Macapelit. I have three beautiful sisters Jeanellane, Kate and Cecil and one handsome brother Earl Jun. I having fun of watching movies, listening musics and being with my friends.

I started my kindergarten and elementary life at Surigao West Central Elementary School at the age of four. I got my high school diploma at Surigao City National High School. I receive some awards in that school.

Life for me is worthless without love. Without love there is no peace there is no life. I am very contented in my life because I have the very important persons who believe and love me with all of there hearts. I have my family, my friends and our almighty God.

In the future I'll be the one of the best programmers in this generation. I will be contented living with my husband and have three children as a happy family. I'll help my parents and take care of them as how they take care of me. We will live at the peaceful place near by the sea. I will love my family till the last breath of my life.

"Life comes in many shapes you gotta learn how to walk and which way to go every steps you take when you're lost, every choice you make has it's cost after the rain has gone, you'll see the light somewhere in the darkness someday its gonna makes sense..."