My Life On Paper

by Ian Mark Cuñado...

     Many people think that they've know me already but not.Yes, they know my name, a little bit of my character but not all of me; of what's here deep within, even those I can call friends.

     My journey begun on March 8, 1994 at the wonderful place of Anakan, Gingoog City with a zodiac sign of Pisces.This simple person is Ian Mark Cuñado Tuñacao, the proud son of Nicasio and Esterlita Tuñacao.We are all five siblings in the family and the rest of them are girls, but due to sickness the eldest girl among us died when she was a child.The remaining girls are Lovely Jane, Honey Grace and April Joyce.I'm presently living at Purok Narra, Anakan Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental with my precious family.I am taking the course which is the Bachelor in Science in Information Technology (BSIT) at Bukidnon State University-external studies center at Gingoog City.I'm the kind of person which I can say having no talents, sensitive , a typical person and very ambitious but behind of all those things I can be your friend whenever you need me.I used to help my mother in household chores when I have no class.I love listening music and watching latest movies, hung-out with friends and eating any delicious foods.Honestly I hate to study and reading different kind of educational books because it makes me feel irritated.

     I started my kindergarten a when I was still five years old at Anakan Central School as well as my elementary life and got some awards at the end of each school year.At highschool days, I attended it at Odiongan National Highschool.A home where a lot of memories that were being treasured here in my heart.An experiences who help to curve the true me as a human being with those different kind of person I've met , and all together wishing to have a successful life someday.Through hardwork, I finished my secondary level as a honor student.

     Life for me is mysterious.We have a lot of questions here in our head that we wanted to find out whether it is wrong or right.Life is all an adventure.Each of us has its own destiny .We should try to do the things that we wanted to know.Experiencing a lot of challenges to gain lessons who can help us to improve and to be a better person.But their is one thing that we should never ever forget that life is a God's gift.He is the One Who made all of these thins, Who made us and without Him everything in this world is useless.

       My outlook in the future is maybe I will get a great job.A job where I can rise up my family in poverty.I will buy them all of those things that they'd ever wanted.To let them taste the sweetness of life.Then, I have married a beautiful and loving wife with full of patience.We will make siblings and raise them in a good way with the presence of God , to have faith in Him , to let them know His greatness and his everlasting love to us people.Then, we will live at a peaceful place near the sea and surrounded with the abundance of nature.

      "Life has comes in many shape, you think you know what you've got until it changes. Life will take you high and low , we will learn how to walk and which way to go.Every step you take when you were lost, every choice you make has its cost.Someday its gonna make sense..."