My Life On Paper

by Jason D. Lasconia

Some people talked behind my back, sometimes they say unpleasant things about me, but the thing is, they only knew my name and never my story. My name is Jason Delegencia Lasconia, eighteen years old at this time. I am celebrating my birthday every 28th day of February. I was born at Purok Malimas Anakan, Gingoog City and currently living there. I have four brothers and also having four sisters, and luckily I happened to be the youngest, but sadly I have now only three brothers left because our eldest was already gone last March 21, 2010 due to lung cancer.Anyway,we had fully recovered from itaolng with our loving parents. My father's name is Pablo Norquia Lasconia and my sweet mother is no other than Mrs. Wulfeda Cudilla Delegincia. I am studying at Bukidnon State University, External Studies Center at Gingoog City, taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology , going on second year next semester. I finished my kindergarten in Sacred Heart of Jesus Academy at Anakan, Gingoog City. My Elementary in Odiongan Central School (OCS) at Odiongan GIngoog City. My Alma Mater in Odiongan National High School (ONHS). I have an inspiring message to share, "A fish would never be happy living in land because it is made for water. You will never feel completely satisfied on earth because you were made for heaven" (rev. 21:1). Life for me are unpredictable and always confusing. Even if you do things in the right way, some would still be unsatisfied, some will not appreciate what you say and what you do, and there would always be people who would let you down too. But as long as you speak honestly from the heart, you'll be fine. This is not a perfect world nor a perfect life. Life is almost always unfair. But life loves the person who dares to live it. When I was young, I had always been thinking about my ambition. That's when I grow older and finished my studies, I would definitely become an Information Technology Specialist, having my own successful and a very big Call Center Company, and also having a famous super computer that could see a future. How I wish a for a time machine, so that I could travel into the future and set everything complete. But I know that I cannot do that after all, all I can do is to strive hard and face all the challenges and ask God for my guidance. But sometimes God seems to be quite. He seems to be absent and never listens. We call him but never answers. We ask him for help, but He never rescues. I ask God, "Why God? in my deepest trouble you were not with me?". God smile and told me, "I never left you, I just want to watch you fighting, using my words that are stored in your heart and mind as your weapon, I'll always be with you, just... Be with Me always. We can reach our ambition, if we trust ourself fully. Do not be disappointed if others refuse to help you, remember the word of Einstein: "I'm thankful to all those who said no, because of them, I did it myself!". Like what I said, they only knew my name and never my story. I am for who I am, trusting in myself confidently, that there will be good things God prepared for me, and it will happen. Soon.