My Life on Paper

by ailyn mae

                    "Life comes in many shapes

                    You think you know what you've got

                    Until it changes

                    And life you take it high and low..."

      My lovely name came from the combination of my parent's name, Helen and Artemio. But they make it more unique, so it's Alyn Mae B. Pam-ot. I was born on June 1,1994, one month after my parent's wedding. I have two spoiled brat sisters and two devilish brothers namely, Artemio Jr., Aundre, Jamela and Ann Gellie. Among the five children, I'm the eldest and the big sister of the family. I have taken my kinder and elementary education at Dopn Manuel Lugod Elementary School. I had garnered lots of awards like being one of the top 10, most honest, behave and etc.I stepped my high school level at Gingoog Christian College, and I'm proud to say that I always stepped at top 5. During my high school days, I was a member of Glee Club, and I was in Drama Group. But not also in acting, I'm good also in dancing but not ever in singing. In our barangay, I'm presently the SK kagawad and an active member of Pag-asa Youth Association of the Philippines (PYAP). Now I'm taking Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Bukidnon State University and I' still a first year student. I am a silent person, shy, but nice. I'm shy of sharing my ideas and thoughts during class hour because I'm always afraid that I might be wrong. That's why lots of my friends encourage me to be talkative sometimes. I like watching television, eating and sometimes reading pocketbooks and magazines. I love boys, who have sense of humor and a gentleman person who respect me.

     Being with my friends, feels me so complete because if I'm with them they always makes me laugh and I even forget my problems about life. After the high school graduation, I felt mixed emotions: sad, because we will be separated with each other, exitement, because it is another step of journey in life. They always said theat being a college student is not an easy task because at this level you will feel lots of hardships, sorrows and perseverance in life. You wuill be more serious than what you always do in high school. It's not really my plan to took Bachelor of Science in Information in Technology because it's my mother planned about this. But the profession I want to take is Bachelor of Science in Business in Administration. When I was a child, I dreamed to be a businesswoman because it's really a challenging profession for me. Eventhough, I have not took the profession that I ever wanted but I'm still trying my best to make my parent's proud of me.Being the eldest child of the family is really a pressure. Because your parent's expected much from you and education is the only thing that they can give to me except wealth. Goin to school is an important thing for me, I hate comitting abscence. I know that giving your best could earn much of success and happiness.

      After my college education, I am going to start my destiny in the real world of people. I'll apply in a call center company and give my best as a good employee and be promoted to a high position. While working, I'll save money for the capital of my ever wanted business. I f I have save enough money, I'll resign as a call center agent and start the dream that I have planned. If my first business will be successfu, I'll build another branches of my business. I'll support the financial needs of my siblings especially in thier education. After being a successful businesswoman, behind that success, of course, there's an inspiration to that, except my family. The man that I will give my heart and soul, that would accept me of who I am. Then, we will have three childrens and live to our dream house as a happy and loving family.


                       "After you clear your eyes

                        You''ll see the sun comes

                        Somewhere in the darkness.."