Mother Nature on its Last Legs

by IamPokemon ()

Given as an abode for men to inhabit,

Scenery of the world we destroy tardily,

Bestowed by God to save and defend ceaselessly,

To adore, protect and conserve continuously.


A charitable mother that gives everything. 

Supplies bounteous profusion of food for her children and kin.

If they will but cultivate her soil in integrity and in harmony,

Let us be solicitous for what is happening. 


Now, our haven is degrading, vanishing.

This is now the time that Mother Nature is then livid and seething.

Anxious for what was happening when she was sitting.

Living beings and human race are now ebbing.


Trepidation, anxiety, and concern are the only key

To return and renew and refurbish the exquisiteness of our natural antiquity.

To live your life with a beautiful milieu and scenery,

You, that are titanic, have to do something that is massive.


Ooh! It’s not that too late to aid our Mother Nature.

Let us nurture, not torture our future.

Do not lose hope to prevail or endure,

 So that our deceasing mother nature won’t bid adios to us as her brood.