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Call for contributions - Spindle, An Online Journal

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July 19, 2008

    Sustaining its efforts to promote Caviteño literature and encourage the participation of Caviteño writers, readers and observers, the Cavite Young Writers Association is now accepting contributions for the second volume of its literary journal, Paliparan.

Ladino (Filipino Literary Weekly)

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Ladino primarily accepts short fiction though we’re also open to one-shot comic submissions and poetry collections for our special issues. Please note, however, that Ladino is a two-page publication, printed on A4 paper (double-sided print, folded to A5), so we will naturally have space constraints.

If you are interested in submitting to Ladino, please observe the following guidelines:

1. Stories in Filipino and/or English are accepted.

2. Maximum number of words per story is 3000 (2500 is ideal).

Pinoy Penster Community

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-All kinds of literature written in any dialect is welcome


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kinked is a collaborative writing challenge. A challenge is posted every Thursday. Participants have to finish writing their responses to the challenge the Thursday after (whereupon a new challenge is posted, and so it goes).

21 Stars Review

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Am not yet sure if they are paying or non-paying so I'm classifying them for the moment as non-paying - Dino.

21 Stars Review publishes new and established writers of poetry and prose, with a focus on new writers.

Noypi Writers

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       If you are an Amateur Filipino Writer, you can send your poems, short stories, essays, scripts/plays, articles, and song lyrics to Noypi Writers.
      Noypi Writers went online last October 2005 but ceased to operate for a few weeks because of some problems such as lack of time and manpower. We expect to see the features of Noypi Writers such as Noypinions, and the free proofreading and critiquing service back online some time again soon.

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