Liveblogging Alec Baldwin and His Quest to Kidnap Your Daughter

Yes me too is fucking invisible. I exist solely in your imagination. But unlike Alec Baldwin, that same small letter motherfucking Bald-Wayne, whose devious plan I'm the first to uncover, I continue to exist to protect your daughters, sisters, and yes, your mothers too.. And one way to ensure their safety is to blog about anything that have something to do with securing their lives. As of this late, Alec Baldwin is the threat...more>>>

Yes, I am very sorry. But it is good as done. Your daughter is mine!

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i'll gladly give Mr. baldwin

i'll gladly give Mr. baldwin a girl or two (especially the ones who've been hanging out of our house) in exchange for his ex-wife's number hehe just kidding

Only an idiot will say

Only an idiot will say anything like that to anyone. Of course we are aware of things (as Alec would like to imply)like that is happening in the country. But you don't have to say it especially saying it to the Letterman. But only an idiot like the Alec Badwin say things like that. I stole his diary and see what I've found.

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Whoa! that's some compelling

Whoa! that's some compelling stuff you got there and where did you practice your thief like skills ? ever thought of selling that diary on e-bay


That scandalous phone call almost cost him his job @ 30 rock, now here he goes again saying something so irresponsible


I guess Idiots will eventually inherit this world, so you better know where you stand when it happens hehe 

Right, Hekto. I'd certainly

Right, Hekto. I'd certainly love to make money out of that diary. But I decided on a better idea. I shall keep it for future uses when the Bad-fatherfuck-wind will make some news again, or till it's no longer fun poking at him.