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i dive    deeper    &

deeper    into    the sea

until    the sun    above

me    becomes    flimsy

like    a melting    snowflake


          i exhale air

          i inhale water



Star Chaser


      “No, wait! My star….

        Stop fading!”

       A girl with a name known by her people as “princess” almost throw herself to the marble tiles floor, she’s very exhausted now. It’s been a while that she’s running chasing the magical stars! She jump down from an alley to the next, just to capture those things but it seems like it fades away immediately after she reach them.

The Tragedy( from the novel of The Avhell: A preliminary part)

| | |

    “This land had cried! It fought but the wind was so strong that it caught it off guard.

She didn’t wish to fall but it seems like her tears help the enemy put this little kingdom turns out to be a devastating flood.”


    “I’ve seen the world in a black and white canvass but I never witness this wind before! A wind that walks with no direction nor soul but a wandering ghost of a weak town.”

The Mathematician orthodox ( From the novel "The Avhelle")

| | |

Sins, the equation of complex mathematics

A cumulative property of revenge

An Infinite unimaginary number

It multiplies itself.

Diminishes simplicity

Add to cravings and a lot of factors

But like do others,

The face off (A pre-piece of the fantasy novel The Avhelle)

| | |


       In the kingdom, far from the ordinary world, or as they call it the kingdom of Avhelle, a sorcerer aims to rule the great land forever. Unfortunately because of his evilness and the continuing rebellion, one of his old friend, decides to put an end to it.


Crondo:       the good old wizard

Lord mist:   the king of Avhelle


just a clip to my novel, which I am planning to write......

But for now It is still uncomplete, so just a preliminary for my review,

and of course for  you guys. So please comment. 

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Damdamin Ng Maralita

| | |




Ako'y Maagang Namulat

Sa Buhay Na Mahirap


Tiyan Palagi Ay Kumakalam

Pag-asa Ang Basurahan Na May Tira -tirang Ulam




Ito ang Katotohanan na ngyayari sa ating paligid. Sa mata ng Diyos tayo ay pantay- pantay pero sa Mundong ating ginagalawan tayo ay nahahati dahil sa Pagnanais ng Kapangyarihan, Ang Mabuhay Sa Mundong Materyal.

Nakakalimutan na natin ang Katotohanan na ang bawat nararanasan natin sa Mundong ito ay pansamantala lamang, wala tayong maidadala na kahit ano kapag tayo’y yumao.

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Sa pagputok ng binging baril na nakatutok sa sintido

buburahin ng tinggang nagbabaga ang bawat ala-ala.



| |

In the line I seek

The picture of the two of us

Win or lose

Where the story goes

I had and loved before

Became a broken pieces

You and I just a sad goodbye


Day and night awake

Hoping for a chance to take

Heart can't stop tears from eyes

Don't know where to start

Be the one the hands to hold

To be forever till the end of time



I know it was my wrong

To leave you undecided 

It was so wrong to be alone

And to see you with another

Marrying him today


No Matter What

| |

I sat down to watch the stars

Coming from the distance..

With the moon that shines at night


When I met you

Like an angel so perfert, so sweet

i feel bloom

Everytime when you're here I'm alive



Baby I'm in love with you

With your smile I feel like

In heaven with you

I'm in love with you

I just can not deny

That baby I'm in love with you


When you cry

My heart can't stop being so lonely

I feel blue

I feel I'm so attached to you



Saranghe (I Love You)

| |

Everyday makes me wonderful

Down to my heart I know that you are the one

On every song makes we wanna fall

Right from the soul, oh, it connects us


Even the time in a minute away

Read on my mind, girl, it's full of your name

During at night, I wanted you arms

To make me stronger, make me fine



You're my universe, you're so beautiful

Going fast heartbeat, shouts you and I

Borrowed time, oh, take me with you

Send an angel kiss, this love will last

Girl, Saranghe.