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on imagined fear


There are times

when I feel people

around me, people

who at times have expressed

admiration and love to me,

hate me—it is as if

entering a pitch dark room,

and despite not believing

in ghosts, fearing

a lost spirit on the mirror.

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Wonder Ermingard 1


Tahimik na dahan-dahang binuksan ng 16yrs old na si Ermingard ang pintuan sa kanilang maliit na barung-barong at talaga namang maingat siya sa kaniyang pagpasok upang hindi siya makagawa ng kaluskos at baka kasi magising niya ang kaniyang Tiyahin...

"Kumusta ang Pageant?" Ang bati ng kaniyang Tiyo Kado nang makapasok ng tuluyan si Ermingard.

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Balitang hatid ng hangin at laot,

Babalang tangan ng kulog at kidlat

Ang nagbabadyang bangungot.




Sinagot ng dagat ang hamon:


buntong hininga

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cradle song


I had found your cradle song

it was sewn right between the stars

where the moon had played a wind harp

in the soft 'thula' of the tides

it lingered upon the moonbeams

reaching far to where it belonged

if I could chase the notes -

if I could chase 'forever' -

then I will never let it go.



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Ang Laya Kapag Labis


Pinuputol ng tula ang sariling usbong

Minsan matutulog, minsan aahon

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Iniisip Kita sa Paraiso ng Pag-ibig


Iniisip kita sa paraiso ng pag-ibig

Sa pangarap na banig, ng tuwa at sakit

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i dive    deeper    &

deeper    into    the sea

until    the sun    above

me    becomes    flimsy

like    a melting    snowflake


          i exhale air

          i inhale water



Star Chaser


      “No, wait! My star….

        Stop fading!”

       A girl with a name known by her people as “princess” almost throw herself to the marble tiles floor, she’s very exhausted now. It’s been a while that she’s running chasing the magical stars! She jump down from an alley to the next, just to capture those things but it seems like it fades away immediately after she reach them.

The Tragedy( from the novel of The Avhell: A preliminary part)

| | |

    “This land had cried! It fought but the wind was so strong that it caught it off guard.

She didn’t wish to fall but it seems like her tears help the enemy put this little kingdom turns out to be a devastating flood.”


    “I’ve seen the world in a black and white canvass but I never witness this wind before! A wind that walks with no direction nor soul but a wandering ghost of a weak town.”

The Mathematician orthodox ( From the novel "The Avhelle")

| | |

Sins, the equation of complex mathematics

A cumulative property of revenge

An Infinite unimaginary number

It multiplies itself.

Diminishes simplicity

Add to cravings and a lot of factors

But like do others,