Life: Your Future Starts Here

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Life: Your Future Starts Here

John Paul Lauron


Whenever I hear the word condom, or see it, I remember one of my students before. I heard that he owns now a company. How fortunate he was. I can still remember 21 years ago when I became his adviser when he was in first year high school. He took my attention for his clumsy acts. He was so bubbly and cheerful student though he was always naughty. I always scold him for what he was doing. He will stop but later on will go back the way he was. To be honest, I suspected him to be part of the failing students in my class but he made me wrong. He proved something, something that changed the way I look at him.

He participates well in class. He recites, shares and listens. I had a habit before, I give a colored stubs whenever someone recites right, completes their assignments and good performance. Actually, the maximum stub that I thought I can give was 20, that’s it, but he got twice of it, one time he nearly got thrice. To make this short, he occupied the first place on top students list. I forgot to tell, he is not from the pilot section.

            His first year in high school was very colourful. As his adviser, I motivate him to join contests in school such as quiz bee, spelling bee, general knowledge and other academic contests. I had hard times before to convince him to join. So whenever he has match, I always watch. The first contest I think that he joined was the science quiz bee. There are twenty participants (as always) from different sections on each year. But should I still say ‘different sections if we already have five sections participating? The pilot section of 4th yr, 3rd yr, 2nd yr and 1st yr. the other one is his section. So he is the only one who came not from pilot section. It was a BRAVO when he won. Somebody said he cheated, somebody said he is gifted.

            He became a representative of our school in different schools for academic contests. He was also good in literature, mathematics and makabayan subjects. He became the youngest journalism staff on the school history because commonly, only 3rd yr and 4th yr were able to pass the test. To recognize his one of a kind excellency, he was given a scholarship for high school.

            He was transferred to pilot sections and ranks 1st still. He is very spontaneous and unpredictable. Some thinks of him bad, boastful, selfish and bossy. But his good heart gave him true friends that support him on everything he do. His friends love him because he is fair for everybody; he wants his friends to become a man with functional feet. He doesn’t tolerate his friends. He became one of the candidates for valedictorian. He didn’t fail. He became the valedictorian on his batch.

            As of now, the latest news I heard is that he owns now a company. How fortunate he was. I can still remember 17 years ago, he graduated in high school. I can’t remember his speech but something marked in my mind, the mayor, principal and faculty staffs are in front of him, he said in his speech, “I would like to mention my parents. Thank you for everything, for the moral support and for not using condom when you are doing me. That’s all. Thank you!” short silence was broke by loud applause.

JayPee Lauron