Learning From Aliens About God

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Calculating God
Robert Sawyer
Robert Sawyer is one of my favorite science fiction authors, and Calculating God is one of my few favorite novels of all time.  
This novel was amazing.  I knew it was going to be a stellar read from chapter one.  (Warning:  some spoilers!)
An alien comes to the Royal Ontario Museum, approaches a security officer, and tells him in English (through the aid of a language-translating device) the he needs to see a paleontologist.  The security officer, thinking it was just a joke, calls down a paleontologist.  When the paleontologist, Dr. Jericho, comes down though, he knows immediately that the alien was real.  Here's another thing, the alien, likewise, was a paleontologist, and was interested in studying earth fossils.
What was most surprising for me about the novel was that the alien, Hollus, believed in God.  In fact, she was surprised that Dr. Jericho wasn't a believer.  The story proceeds with the alien realizing that there the earth has a history of extinctions that correlated with the extinctions from her own planet and a few others.   It was, as if,  it was all part of God's plan.  
There are plenty of science fiction novels that deals with religion, spirituality, or God, but this novel has planted some good ideas in my mind about all those things.
This book was  an Audie Award winner, and was a finalist for the Hugo Awards, the John W. Campbell Awards, and the Aurora Awards.
The author, Robert J. Sawyer, is a multi-awarded Canadian Science Fiction writer and a futurist.
Pick up a copy and go read.
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