by cozyrx ( | )

Imagine you are relaxing on your home veranda.  You are enjoying

the night with your  beloved.  Suddenly, you fall from your seat

and collapses.  Happiness ends with a single unknown bullet from an

unidentified gunman. 


Everyday, I listen to news reports and read news on papers.

And each day, news of killing with guns happens and comes so  easily.

I am angered each time I hear or read news of people being killed

through illegal gunmen.  I cannot understand why so many Filipinos

own or acquire guns so easily without authority or license. 

It seems that life has become so cheap and without value for others. 

Innocent people are being killed without cause or explanation.  Anyone could

just be killed by anybody.  This worries me a lot and deeply bothers me.

I hate such act as this! 


What is the governemnet doing? Is there any hope to stop all this

this vicious and merciless act? Is there no hope for this?  Can we WRITERS

do something with this?