Joren Reysoma (Closet Writer) Passes Away

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(via Rom) member, Joren Reysoma, passed away this afternoon at the PGH from pneumonia. Our deepest condolences. Keeping Joren and his loved ones in our prayers...

Paalam, aming kaibigan!!!

Hindi tayo nagkita nang personal...pero dahil sa FW, nagkrus kahit papaano ang landas natin.

Mataos ang aking pakikiramay sa iyong mga naulila...


Paalam Closet.... At salamat

Paalam Closet....

At salamat sa isang bagay na ginagawa mo para sa akin.



joren, rest in peace

sept 2010: joren died of pneumonia, and i am a nurse in america!

july 2005: joren got me hooked on friendster; tapos texting. he was my stalker, at first. tapos, muntik na rin akong maging stalker n'ya. inilista ba naman akong favorite author (for my book "moon river, butterlies & me"), syempre flattered ako. i still have joren's first 4 messages to me via friendster (di pa uso ang FB noon).

i only knew of his passing away just now. i'm still not a fan of the internet. 

sa mga kaibigan ni joren, those who really love him, i would be happy to share those letters. he was such a beautiful man. i loved joren!