John Updike, 1932-2009

John Updike is dead. He chronicled everything about “sex, divorce and other adventures.” Okay, I don't want to claim that I like this erudite author though dead as he is. But I did like him once when I read his interview with Lev Grossman of Time Magazine. Here's more>>>


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Anyway, that's funny! Ha ha ha! Rabbits are as good as innocent little lambs! :3

Right. It's sad though that

Right. It's sad though that we lost one of the best writers of our time. I'd also like to add that I just read his article on J.D. Salinger's reclusiveness just few days ago and love it.

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John Updike wrote essays -- actually.

You caught my attention. Now I am curious. I have wondered what other intellects have to say about JD Salinger's reclusiveness ... not that I know much about it cause I don't. 






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There's not much written

There's not much written about J.D. Salinger. A known British biographer tried and faced a lawsuit. But I have this book, If You Really Want To Hear About It, a compiled best write-ups about the recluse, including the brilliant assessment of John Updike on J.D. Salinger. You can have it if you want.

Thank you for the kind offer, Jonas.

I think I can find the book at Fully Books this Saturday. :)

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he's the author of witches of eastwick right? that's one hilarious novel!


Yes dear.. His last novel is

Yes dear.. His last novel is its sequel The Widows of Eastwick. Read it yet?

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not yet but I'll try to find a copy borrowed lang yung witches of eastwick from my aunt the last time I spent my vacation in Manila kaya ko nabasa we have limited resources of good reads out here in southern mindanao iba  sa  Cebu or Davao.