In Just Three Minutes

by dj Prestousa ( | )

Philip              -          the boy who court in a wrong way

Avi                  -          the first girl of Philip

Lei                    -          the second girl of Philip

1st of the Trio -          Philip’s friend

2nd of the Trio -          Philip’s friend

3rd of the Trio  -          Philip’s friend

Father             -          Avi’s father

Mother           -          Avi’s mother

Jobelle            -          younger sister of Avi

Mrs. Wachi    -          Avi’s mother’s friend



Setting: A Street with lights and the right side of the stage is a simple living room. 


Narrator: Oh! A message! (Look at his phone) Ammm… I’m going to read this…It say’s that: “The Courtship today is too different from the courtship before -GM” Good Morning guys, do you know the meaning of the message?! Maybe some of you already have their crushes. For the boys, do you already court a girl? And for the girls, have you experienced court by a boy? Courtship today is not like before. Today I’m going to tell you a story courtship today.


Philip: (walking to the street)

[Trio will come]

1st of the Trio: Hey dude! Long time no see huh... what’s up?! Do you feel good? (Rocker hands)

2nd of the Trio: How’s your love life Philip? (Scratching his head)

Philip: I’m ok dude… oh well I don’t have love life for now.

3rd of the Trio: what?!! You don’t have love life for now? (Shocked) So you mean you don’t have girls right now?

Philip:  Yeah... I don’t have… girls are just like bubble gums, small sweets, easy to gone…

1st of the Trio: -You

2nd of the Trio: -don’t

3rd if the Trio:  -have

TRIO: -a girlfriend???

Philip: (moving his head up and down) How ‘bout you guys?

3rd of the Trio: Don’t you know that I court a girl in just three minutes?

1st of the Trio:  Me too. Don’t you know that I court a girl in just three minutes?

2nd of the Trio:  I also court a girl in just three minutes...

TRIO:  (looking in to each other) yeah!! In just three minutes...

3rd of the Trio:  if you don’t have a girlfriend, try to text this one... She’s so pretty. Here’s her number. (Clicking on his cellular phone)

Philip: (copy the number) Thanks men… I’m going to text her…


Narrator: at Avi’s house… her phone beeps.


Jobelle:  Ate, someone texted you. (Point the cellular phone)

Avi: Thanks Jobelle my sis… (Read the message)

Jobelle: An unknown number… hmm... who is that??

Avi:  wait, I’ll text him back… what is your NASL?

(Philip and Avi started to text each other)

Philip: (beep) I’m Philip… 15… male… Cavite… you? (Texting Avi while the trio reading their conversations.)

Avi: Avi…15… girl… (Single)… Cavite…

Philip: (to his friend) Oh… She’s single… (Type a message for Avi) Are… you… pretty?

Avi:  Of course! Haha! (LOL)

Jobelle: Ate what did his text you? (Looking at Avi asking)

Avi: He’s asking me if I’m pretty… and then I reply that I ‘am… I am! I am pretty!

Jobelle: (Staring to her ate)

Father: …and what is that pretty, pretty, pretty word? Who are you texting with? (Removed the newspaper from his face)

Mother: Avi who is that? (From kitchen wearing an apron)

Avi:  (smiling) my classmate... It’s... Danica...

Father: Are you sure my dear? I thought you don’t have a classmate named Danica… Am I right?

Mother: (closer)

Avi: I mean my schoolmate…

Mother:  are you done reviewing your lessons today? Stop texting...

Jobelle We’re busy in reviewing our lessons… (Reading Books)

Avi:  (continued texting)


Narrator: Courtship in text?! Are you in favor for that? For me its no … The trio courts a girl in just three minutes?! Whoa?

Philip and Avi continued texting each other, they tell all about their selves… And after three minutes…


1st of the Trio:  Keep it men..! Keep up the good work! (Cheering while reading the texts)

2nd and 3rd Trio:  yeah! Go for it… (Light punch)


Avi: (beep) (read the message) Are… we… … … now…? (Shocked, smile, and covered her face)

Jobelle: What was that?

Avi:  Ha?? (Staring at the message and smiling)

Father:  (removed the newspaper from his face) what was that? (Angry look)

Avi:  Nothing…

Father: Stop texting Avi...

Avi: ok papa… (Continued texting)

Philip: (beep) (read the message)

Trio: whooooooooo!!!

Philip: (smiled) yes..!


Narrator:  What? Hmmm? Am I dreaming? In just what three minutes… Ow… how fast is that? (Stare at the scene in 5 seconds) (Look at the audience) Ow sorry guys… Let’s continue the story; Avi and Philip becomes a couple, they decided to meet in a certain place.


Avi:  Oh... You’re so handsome! (Make a cute smile)

Philip:  and you… you’re so cute! (Pinch her face)

Avi: Thanks (hold hands while walking, smile)

Mrs. Wachi: (walking like a cat… walk with her basket) (looking to Avi and Philip, shock, and going to cover her mouth with his hand) (After passing the street, she will meet Avi’s parents)




Mrs. Wachi: hi! Oh congratulations! Your daughter! Your daughter! Your daughter! Gush! Your daughter! Gush! Gush! Gush! (Very annoying)

Father: (to Mother) What is she talking about? Is she crazy? Is she’s came from mental institution?

Mother: No… my husband, she’s my friend. (to Mrs. Wachi) What are you talking about? What happened? What happened to my daughter?

Mrs. Wachi: A handsome guy! So handsome! Your daughter walking in the street with a handsome guy!

Father:  What?!!

Mrs. Wachi:  Better to ask your daughter. (Cat walk)

Father: (to air) maybe that is the result of low security of mental institution here.

Mother: wait… (to Father) do you think our daughter already have a boyfriend?

Father: I don’t think so… It’s better if we confront her later...


Narrator: oh... Avi’s parent doesn’t know that she have a boyfriend. Is that good? I don’t think so. Its better that we inform our parents on what is happening to us. At Avi’s house…


Avi: (reading)

Mother:  You must prioritize your studies.

Father: Focus to your study.

Mother:  You’re too young…

Father:  too young for a serious relationship!

Avi:  What are you talking about? (Close the book)

Mother:  Mrs. Wachi saw you that you are walking with a guy.

Avi:  Huh?

Mother:  With a handsome guy.

Avi:  No mama! No papa! That’s my friend. He’s gay!

Mother:  Are you sure?

Avi:  Yes.

Mother and Father:  Sure?

Avi:  Yes!

Mother: (walk away)

Father: Are you sure?

Avi:  Yes papa…

Father:  Sure?

Avi: Yes…

Father:  Sure? Sure? Really Sure?

Avi:  Yes Papa! Yes… okay? “unli” ka papa?


(At the street, the trio is hiding behind of a post. Philip is walking, an accident happened)

Lei: Ouch!

Philip:  Sorry Miss (pick up the books)

Lei: That’s okay, buy the way I’m Lei.

Philip: Philip… Can I get your number? (Playful smile)

Lei: Sure... here…

Philip: Thanks...

(The trio will go to the center)

2nd of the Trio: What a cute girl..!

1st of the Trio: Hey dude! I think that girl will be her girlfriend also in just three minutes.

3rd of the Trio: Maybe not really... I bet (Get Php. 20.00 from his pocket, 1st of the Trio)

1st if the Trio:  I’m sure men...

2nd of the Trio: I’ll bet too.


Narrator: Philip texted Lei... And start to court her and after three minutes they become a couple. Next day, Philip told all about this in his friends.


1st of the Trio: Woooo! I won...

Philip: (chin down)

3rd of the Trio: I lost...

2nd of the Trio:  haha!


Lei:  I’m so glad that you have a boyfriend my friend! What is his name?

Avi:  secret...

Lei:  do you want to come with me? I’ll meet my boyfriend…

(Avi and Lei will walk to the other side)


Philip:  hi Avi... my girlfriend (Shocked. Look to Lei)

Lei:  Philip my boyfriend. (Shocked)

Avi: what? He is my boyfriend!

Lei:  He is my boyfriend!

Philip:  oh no..!

Lei: what? Avi?

Avi: Lei, why did you do this to me?

Lei:  No! I’m his first girlfriend.

Philip:  It’s Captain Barbell! (Look and point at the sky and everyone will look at the sky then that time is Philip’s chance to escape from the fighting girls)

Lei and Avi: (rumble)

(The trio will stop them)


2nd of the Trio: Girls calm down. Take it easy. All of this is Philip’s fault.

3rd of the Trio: I think it’s better if the two of you will talk in a private place. Have some girls talk. It could help to fix tour problem.

(Trio will exit)


Avi: Ehem!

Lei: Ehem! Ehem!

Avi: Ehem! Ehem! Eheeem!

Lei: Ehem! Ehem! Eheem… Ehem!

Avi: Ehem! Ehem! Ehem! Eheem! Eheeeeemmm…!

Lei: sorry Avi… sorry bhest...

Avi:  he just courted me in three minutes… I think it’s not a good idea. I thought all his sweet messages are true.

Lei:  I think if we take it slow. Courtship and relationship is not a play, it’s a serious thing. We must take it slow so that we would know the guy much better.

Avi: I’m sorry too best.

(they hug each other)


Narrator: Lei and Avi become friends again. Philip regrets what he did. Courtship before is not the same to the courtship today. Old times are much better. Short time of courtship is not a healthy start of a relationship. It’s much better if you get to know each first.


I hope you like the play that we present to you. And then you saw the difference between the courtship today and before. Thank you. Have a good day!

dj Prestousa

This play is our activity in T.L.E. that shows the new way of courtship today. I hope that it relates on what's really happening today. We got 92% na grade dahil sa play na to. I hope that you like it and kindly check my grammar baka kasi may mga mali-mali pa eh. XD

by Starblaze on July 28, 2011 - 9:14am

Actually maraming mali kung binasa man ng teacher ang script at wala syang puna or correction sa grammar..i wonder papano sya naging teacher..or siguro ung action nyo ang binigyan nya ang grade at d ung sense ng story...pero it's a nice try 

Starblaze, Bh.D. (Doctor of Broken Hearts)

Dakilang mangingibig, malikot ang isip (at kamay)

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