I'm a blogger so...

by ememalberts ()

I am a newbie blogger(kung maitatawag nga itong blogging). An awful blogger actually but I think there are ways I can improve myself. For the past months I submitted articles to Definitely Filipino Blog and luckily I got 3 articles accepted. 3 palang, haha baguhan palang eh. 

Sa iilang buwan ng pagba-blog ko(blogging na walang alam sa basic html, harhar) naka-isip ako ng standards sa sarili ko na dapat ifollow at ito nga sila:


My 10 rules in blogging:

1. I write about worthwhile things.

2. My articles are not blast of emotions

3. I am sensitive of the feeling of others.

4. I know my limits

5. My articles are not nothing. I want people to get something from it.

6. My thoughts are unique as me.

7. I don’t copy the ideas of others. I get inspiration from them.

8. What I tell is powerful so I choose my words wisely.

9. Fact and opinions are presented logically. Everything is balanced.

10. I respect others’ opinion and thoughts. I respect their blogs as well. 


So what do you think? May dapat pa ba akong idagdag sa rules ko? :)