I Girlfriended a Cheap-Shit Persephone

Let that shoutout above sink in nicely. There.

Now you may once recall that time when I wrote about how we should defend our women in the country from the likes of Alec Baldwin, who if you may also remember once threatened our young women to his filthy grasp, saying indifferently in a worldwide television how he would mail-order your cute sister, girlfriend, or that hot chic neighbor when his dirty fancy inspires him. Yes, that bastard, and how I reacted to his retarded shenanigans and how I used my detective skillz to stop his devious designs and defending our respectable Filipino women. But how can you defend your women when there are those who are sadly dollar-eyed, and simply want to have them in exchange of dignity and respect, ambitioning to taste the said easy life of a mail-ordered wife, and what's worst uses God as an excuse of procuring one. Those exactly make good reasons to digress...read more>>>

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That's some shit.

Omg, manhater has found

Omg, manhater has found me... Uhmm, yes dear?!

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Nothing really.

I just thought that all that was just too profound. And very honest. :)

I take it as a complement

I take it as a complement then. And thanks for seeing truly too...'

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No problem.

The pleasure's all mine, sir. :)