How do I use my blog?

by noid is structured in such a way that you can enter almost anything in your blog.

However, we encourage you to post narratives of  your writing and reading life in your blog. Here are just some examples of how you can use your blog.

  1. Post about your works-in-progress.
  2. Share your thoughts about works you've read.
  3. Tell us your experiences attending workshops, book launches, readings and other literary activities.

Of course, you can also use your blog as your personal journal.

To get a better feel of how you can make best use of your blog, survey the pull down menus in your "add blog entry" page -– i.e. the Category, Section, Literary Form, and Genre menus. It would greatly help the site and its users if you can be as accurate and detailed as possible with your categorization, since the users can easily find your post by way of these classifications.

Note: Regarding particular information, announcements, or content which are related to the sections (e.g. details about a new job, submission guidelines of a magazine, a work-in-progress, a finished literary work), it would be best to use the other content types in the "create content" section of  your account.

So as a rule of thumb, to post the content itself, use other content types (article, forum topic, literature, work-in-progress, market, job, event, review). For narratives about these content types, blog. :)