How do I include photos and videos in my posts?

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I have just added the ability for you to add photos and videos to your posts, that is without uploading them directly to the site. In other words, you can now "hotlink" to photos which are served in sites which allow hotlinking such as and (I personally prefer photobucket because of the upload limit); you can also embed videos from sites which allow external sharing or embedding such as or Google Video.

How to Include a Photo in your Post

To hotlink to a photo, enable the rich-text editor. Position the cursor where you want to insert the photo. Then click the Insert/edit image button (the "tree" button). Enter the Image URL and other info.

Some rules. Just make sure that you are hotlinking to images which are residing in sites and servers which allow hotlinking, or to your own site or server. Otherwise, your post will be unpublished.

Also, be careful not to ruin the site's layout by posting a very large image. If you have a large image, you may set the Dimensions in the Insert/edit image window. Let's set the maximum dimension to 400 pixels X 300 pixels.

How to Include a Video in your Post

To embed a video, just disable the rich-text editor and paste the embed code where you want the video to appear in your post. Or if you don't want to disable the rich-text editor when embedding a video, just click the HTML button and paste the embed code on the resulting pop-up window. Then click the Update button (on the pop-up window).

I have enabled embedding videos from these hosts:,,,,, Tell me if there are other sites and hosts out there which allow external sharing of their videos so I can enable them in the site's settings.