Hey, people who write fiction :)

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Persona is the character in a fictional presenation(merriam webster's dictionary). From what I remember, it is the voice, the narrator, the speaker of the story. Here enters the Point-of-views. I love stories written in First person POVs. I don't know why..maybe because it makes me practice empathy...


I think it will be awesome to write a story with different POVs with someone else. I will write the POV of one character and another writer will write the other character's POV. Gets niyo ba? (shet, dinudugo na ako)


I read a novel entitled Chain Mail(authored by a Japanese and translated in English). In the story there are 4 Japanese students who registered in a special website where they are making a story. Each of them writes using distinct personas that are connected by a distinct plot...They never met and they don't know each other but their craft is surprisingly extraordinary.


Although it's a work of fiction, I want to try that in real life :)


Who will volunteer to do it with me? I can write using English(epistaxis) or Filipino.

I know we are all busy but I really love writing :)

I need someone passionate as me to do this. It's not merely "just for fun thing".

I want to do this to practice my skills in story telling...and I constantly want to hear someone comment on my work.


There should be interaction ofcourse, and words of encouragement.


It will be your choice if we will publish the story or what...I have several pages(with not much readers) :))


or we can publish it to your page :)


We will be the authors of the story :D


Who's interested? Comment on this post or contact me in anyway that you can(btw, I'm a beginner in writing stories. Hope you won't mind). Thanks.


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Pwede Filipino nalang po?hehehe

Gusto po sana.. in tagalog way...

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sige game! :)

cge :) ano tara? :D

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pahingi ako ng anything kung saan pwede kita macontact :) or pa-add sa fb :) https://www.facebook.com/missbluearcanebright or email mo nalang ako :) merillie1205@yahoo.com.ph   ...pkilala ka ate ha :) salamat!

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Maya pag-out ko add kita sa FB (pag di ako tinamad hehe).. Nag-email din ako sayo.



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reply nalang po kayo sa email ko :) thank you talaga :)

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Basta kaw, nanginginig pa..


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 added you in FB.   pwede

 added you in FB.


pwede pa ba sumali? 

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Hanks po sa pagjoin. Gusto mo po kaw muna sumulat ng POV ni TANA?