Got a Friendster Account?

by Jerry G. Gervacio ( | )

Got a Friendster Account?

Once again we make a stunning record! With the world's record of the most number of SMS (text) messages processed everyday; now, we are named as having the most number of Friendster account users - with 5 MILLION Friendster accounts!

It sounds amazing but for most online users, 5 million will likely double very soon. This can be attributed to Friendster's features which perfectly tickle the discriminating taste of Filipinos.

Friendster is a friend that tells about who a friend is; introduces a new friend; find long lost friend; keep the bond among friends. Whatever the motives of the user, Friendster serves the purpose and more or less satisfy, and to some fulfill personal intentions.

I am using Friendster for less than a year but I honestly get its advantage. I get connected with long lost friend, getting in touch to special someone. At least we can continue our bonding using this social network.

Initial reaction to this statistical wonder varies. I said, "amazing!". Some of my friends raised their eyebrow and said, "really!". Yes, that's it.

Some welcome this news as a sign of vibrant online community among Filipinos which, most likely, spur growth in the IT industry. (We are still far behind from our Asian counterparts in terms of IT - figures say so.)

However, there are others who commented that most Friendster users tend to focus only on not-so-important things such as posting wacky pictures and none sense messages. Some will deceive others by not telling their true identity. Some pretend to be someone else. Urban dictionary call them as fakester.

Fakester is a profile on friendster or another social network that is not owned by a real person. In other words, a profile that is maintained by someone who pretends to be a celebrity, television character, or other obviously fake person.

One of my friend even accuse that we (according to him), are more interested in malicious acts like making malicious software (remember LOVE VIRUS?), and on HACKING, than developing more useful applications. In part, I contradict on this contention.

We do not talk much about malware, security threats in our network, and cyberaddiction. We talk more about people - we are interested on what happened on who's who in FRIENDSTER!!

Do you have Friendster account?