On Writer's Block and Shit!

Boss: “What are you doing?”

Me: "Looking at the wall, why?”

Oh shit, just read the rest here>>>

Whatever Works!

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experienced that too!! only that it was with my journalism teacher.


Hey that's a healthy thing

Hey that's a healthy thing and you must praise your fucking god for that.


So why is it that when the nice chat involves about a god or gods or something likes them, someone would have to wait for some reply in silence... Ummm, well, I digress!

Okay, I take back what I said about a god in writing that we seriously need to thank thank for, and yes, hell, I know that too no one likes it, it would mean the total devastation of the tower of Babel and all its moral inventions, tacit understanding of something that involves religion and all that, I mean this is the fucking Philippines, and besides this man here is a bit that tipsy and nearly f****ng crazy, so b kind to excuse him, if it pleases you gentle readers n writers of victorian fuc*** fu** fuck origins...

Oh, for goodness sake Jonas!

Calm down! Maybe if you limit your use of slang/curse words people will talk. Well, I'd like to hang around but I've an appointment tomorrow. See ya!


Take it easy.

I am calm. And hey, thanks

I am calm. And hey, thanks for the kind words, they sound kind to me at least.

That's good. :)

I guess you're all right. Haven't heard from you in a while. Ha ha ha. Good night!

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oh by the way, i'm very much interested to greek mythology. but honestly, i havent read a bible.

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i dont have the habit of logging out my account 'cause i'm pretty sure that no one will attempt to hack it. so sorry for waiting for my reply (if that was what you meant).

well, i dont like being pressured, it's kinda irritating. the more i push my brain, the more it will not bleed. that's the time when sleeping on my armchair is the best idea. =P

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@ Nikol----> journalism? i didn't know a 14 year old high school have journalism subject

hmmmm...again...and hmmm..some more 



check out Neil Gaiman's Black Orchid on: http://www.blah-blahblogs

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as far as i know, that's the curriculum on public highschools. but it's an optional subject and is only granted to students who belongs to section one.

i picked it over a  computer subject. heck, writing news is really a hard thing to do, maybe that's for me. i cant put my opinions in it. that's so hard to do. XD

kuya meron na. more than

kuya meron na. more than decades ago ata.  nahahati pa nga ang ibang public school into science class, regular class and journalism class. 

i think they are promoting the *school press conference*... through that curriculum..... 



"hinahangin ang talulot na malaya, mula sa bulaklak na sinta hanggang sa matabang lupa.. siya ay ligaya, musa ng pagkadakila.."

When I'm writing something

When I'm writing something and I hit the wall , it helps to leave the work in whatever stage it is, or if i'm feeling melodramatic, I'll rip the page off and throw it out the window.  I will sleep on the idea and go back to work when I'm de-stressed.  If I went for the first option, I would search for the culprit/roadblock and kill it like a fugitive.  If I went for the second option, I would use a clean slate of mind, so to speak. :)

To kuya Rom, Talulot and Nikol:

Agree ako kay nikol and talulot.  Merong journ class whenever applicable ang special science curriculum, sa mga science high schools.

Nung grade six hanggang senior year, sumali din ako sa mga press conference na gaya ng sinasabi ni talulot.  masaya pag nananalo ka, hehe.