Fucked-Up Diet Series: The BLOW-OUT DIET

I've made a promise to help a friend on her diet. So I give her this here>>>

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ananalaytay ang pulang tinta sa itim na pluma...

You make fun of me? And you

You make fun of me? And you look like babyjesus, practicing to speak greek.., can't fucking understand you..

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What's wrong with you bro?!

You're acting like unprofessional here... I dind't mean any bad thing about my "Amen"...It means I appreciate what you've written about diet thing. Stop suppressing healthy nutrients cause the symptoms of psychoneurosis starting to show in you... and still no remedy for that, only supportive. TC

Check this out: more frequent psychological complaints are

  • anxiety,
  • warfreak,
  • parranoid,
  • depressed spirits,
  • inability to concentrate, or make decisions, memory disturbances,
  • irritability,
  • morbid doubts,
  • obsessions,
  • insomia
  • irrational fears,
  • compulsions and inability to enjoy social relations.

Note: that baby is my Son not Baby Jesus!!!

Check your Family Doc ASAP...Cool psycho kid...

mananalaytay ang pulang tinta sa itim na pluma...

Since, I got little patience

Since, I got little patience with people talking 'bout psychoneurosis or any Freudian crap.. I'll just leave them to bore people like you.

Also, that "mananalaytay ang pulang tinta sa itim na pluma..." thing.. What's that for? Shall I have to say this again that people who constantly repeat themselves are fucking boring. And fucking boredom kills, dammit!

Again, I've said this somewhere before. If that's really what keeps you think will make you look smart idiot, why not settle for something simple yet classy like an obelisk, or a phallic symbol or 1 perhaps, or anything as long as there's awesome in it. Sigh' again to illustrate:


San mo nakuha yung picture?

San mo nakuha yung picture? I once made an adult-story book (parang children's book pang matanda pero di naman bastos, just with illustrations and stuff) and I wondered what things would be like if we had our sex organs on our faces.

You know, in place of the nose and mouth (they would be down there instead).  And I thought, would we have to eat in private, much like having sex today? Or would we have to wear little masks to cover up our stick outy things?


That picture right there is what I imagined the guy-mask would look like, but with a string to tie it to the back of the head. Haha. Weird I know, but I just suddenly remembered looking at this picture. I didn't even read the entry.

'Tis given by a friend on my

'Tis given by a friend on my birthday..

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Excuse me

Don't bother dyeppri.

Hmmm, I don't wanna stain my name here.

But, just wanna share a proffesional thought.Wink

I'm a pshchologist and according to psychology....

....ganyan talaga ugali ng mga tao na pinanganak...pero sa puwet dumaan.Yell

That's why you can always hear them say, Sh*t, f*ck, damm*t, assh**e and everything that reminds him of his sh**ty existence. Surprised

Excuse me again for that typos. But tell me how should I say that?

Jonas, go rock n' roll! You're a damn brilliant writer boi! Let's rock up this site!

More power!

You sound so unprofessional,

You sound so unprofessional, and gay gayey and I hate you! Secks..


Wow! a fight!

It's Something new... errrrrr.

I guess not, maybe a clash of writing minds, I would say. I believe that it always happen. Maybe you both respect each other but just don't understand each other.

Be cool people!

Since I am lazy to reply.

Since I am lazy to reply. I'll just give you some straight answers.

Yes it's a wow, we are having a fight.
Yeah this is something new to you.
Yup we don't understand each other that's why we fight.
But WTF! You know what? I'll tell you something baho-d-ligo, or whoever you claim you are, I am not cool. Not very cool.

Now, come closer: why don't you have some shower or something? You stink of shit!


But you replied nonetheless. So Thank You!

Anyways, Yeah! I stink of shit. I know that. Thank You again.

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YOU MAKE ME LAUGH PEOPLE! sayang ang mga talino ninyo, ginagamit ninyo lang sa walang kwentang bagay!

It's all non-sense ang buhay ay sobrang igsi na ano mang oras pwedeng kunin sa atin ni Lord, SO be good! sabi nga raw MAHALIN MO ANG IYONG KAAWAY NG HIGIT PA SA SARILI MO! he he he he tama ba!

 Cool lang mga bro's! GOD BLESS TO BOTH OF YOU! 


@ baho-d-ligo Umm, why are

@ baho-d-ligo

Umm, why are you saying thank you now?

@ rose

You put it right: "It's all non-sense ang buhay..."
Though not in the context that you want it to mean.
But still you did put it so aptly. In that line exactly that I took hell of care to reply for both of you, and that's to add more retardity to that non-sense life too, or maybe even put some meaning or something.. Savvy!?

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You are so cute jonas!

You are so cute jonas, how i wish that i could meet you in person. LOL

Marry me. Quick.

Marry me. Quick.

Ah ha ha ha ha ha!

On a serious note, kindly refrain from harassing women Jonas.

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It WAS Bound to Happen

Baby Jesus coming out of a meat grinder!

I'm sure that like me you've been stalking this site from time to time, Jonas. I mean, what self-respecting member of the Internet Asshole Club wouldn't? And I'm also sure you've noticed that the current crop of blokes posting in these parts are having a grand time acting like total noobs. Not that I'm against that, really. If frequently patting each other in the back and posting like they're in Pinoy Exchange rocks their collective e-balls then live and let live, right?

However, these people don't seem to be aware of the epically nasty retard-wars that fire up in this site from time to time. I hope this incident serves as a warning to would be back-patters that there are those who are not of the I-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine persuasion. Or, more specifically, the you-tell-me-I'm-a-good-writer-and-I'll-tell-you-you're-a-good-writer principle.

Comments are nice but there are those of us who, given a choice between A) inane comments that don't even entertain and B) a silent audience, would rather have the latter.

In short, I think I want to have your baby. Sweaty man-secks?

Point taken.

However, no matter how loud you holler, they won't understand.

@ Squid - Ameeen?!

@ Squid - Ameeen?! Bu..but.you write good...Here' amigo (pat** pat').

@ Pmel - Now, I'm digressing! I was told they love it. I mean they are designed to be savaged, right? Though all evidence to the contrary, right? No. Oh, I hate you..

And also, who said they won't? But they can. Ummm, want some bet?

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But I don't need your puny, non-ninja pat on my back, good sir. Behold!

Ummm, well then, I'll give

Ummm, well then, I'll give you my awesomastic Cat Norris kick you crazy-devil ninja you!

No... not at all.

jonas_01 wrote:

@ Pmel - Now, I'm digressing! I was told they love it.

Whoever gave you that idea is making a fool of you, darling.
Not all women are masochists.


I mean they are designed to be savaged, right? Though all evidence to the contrary, right? No. Oh, I hate you..

I... what?


And also, who said they won't? But they can. Ummm, want some bet?

Bet what? On who? Why? Where? Nevermind.

Jonas, I looked back in the past posts that you've uploaded and they seem a little different. The tone of your voice... You've changed somehow... Not that it matters to me.

You are such a darling, my

You are such a darling, my lady, Pmel.
And you are a good woman and you'll go far in life.
Not that it matters to me too but you've just found me the day I turned uncool.

And, ummm, wait...[dammit!] Thanks for reminding me of something I should have done before. .

Oh I see...

Um, I don't know what I reminded you of but that's a good thing right? So, you're welcome.

Well, actually, it's not

Well, actually, it's not nice.

Oh really...

Sorry about that then...

Know what you're too nice

Know what you're too nice and it's fucking depressing me...Secks!!?


I need a drink..

Um... Okay...

Sorry I depress you...

Secks? How about I buy you a dog?
It will be loyal to you! :D

Ummm, well, send the bitch

Ummm, well, send the bitch right away.
I love variation, you see. And I'm bored of cats and eleven-year-olds..now wait...dammit!


>_>) ....