Frozen Frame

by spheroid2006 ( | | | | )

I haven't been around here as much as I did late last year, when I joined this board.  No progressive stories or essays, nor any nice poems-- to boot!  It could be that I have come to some point when quitting was better than doing empty works.  Nothing changed at all, anyway.  Paper awards about this or that have since made me rethink my stand.  And the only way I can keep myself from this site is to actually avoid visiting.  Except for today, of course.

But filipinowriterdotcom's newsletters resumed its trickle once more in my email address... showing me the latest excerpts submitted by old and new members.  While it lasted, I kept to myself still.  It's even getting harder to see humor where I'm at; unless, of course, I'll have to see strangers (in our neighborhood) in certain ways like: which cartoon character he/she reminded me of?  Things have been flat since my last post, or whatever.

Or maybe because the common ones haven't been posting their own style of literature anymore!  Like Witty Curves and Busy Churner... neither posted anything for quite a spell!  Rip Dan Twinky though kept the irons hot and blazing with his whiplash blocks!  An Orb like me cannot truly level up with those three, in spite of what I think I must have on my own set of keys here.  But nevertheless, ours was quite The Trip!

In a frozen state, like time and its seconds... I have kept away from both paper & pen and my word processor program.  No inspiration?  Hardly, that.  Like a frozen frame, the moment of enthusiasm has cooled down and so was someone's unseen smirks!