by fragilejay12

My friend if things come out of your league

Please think of me

For I will show why I am different form others

That I treasured our friendship if nobody does


My worth can’t be defined by just a mere presence

But determined to get through to thousand islets

Halt to speak because I hear your heart

I know what you feel and if you’re hurt


The friendship we created don’t matter the length

Or even the wide of time we spent

As long as I stay true for what I feel

And I know your important piece of my sanity


I know words doesn’t matter

I can lie in my mouth

But in my gesture it can’t hide

For my friends is my serenity

by robleza on May 11, 2011 - 3:08pm

As long as I stay true for what I feel


dbest yan



"The great way to feel happines is to know nothing like what you have did when you're in childhood age."