Forgive me My Dear

by jaypeelauron ( | | )

Forgive me My Dear


the day passed by,

the darkness covered the sky

but my heart still cries

as my mind think of my lies.


forgive me for those nights,

that i let you became a moon,

for i missed you as i count the stars,

and didnt noticed the way you shines.


i may not your apple of the eye

but i will never let you say goodbye

for this heart of mine will stop beating

'coz you gave my life a beautiful meaning.


i apologize, i am sorry

those words are treasures for me,

but for you ill give it all

'coz your name was shouted by my soul.


please dont leave me again,

or you will just see me in heaven.

did you hear me whisper to your ear?

i said, please forgive me my dear.

JayPee Lauron