for you (part 2)

by butterfly_kisses ( | | | | )

For you,

A few weeks back you sent me a message that will make me cry over and over with joy because I felt so loved and thought of.  I never thought you would think of me in that manner.  You shared about a dream of us being together, not in the life after, but rather in this lifetime; now, when the time is our enemy and fate is our destiny.  I know our “friendship” is already classified as “an impossible dream”.  But we survived and we keep on believing in this “friendship” and we know deep in ourselves that we are here, together, for reasons only us know.  I know this is too much for sanity.  And I believe this is one of the reasons why we are still here, for each other, knowing at the end of the road, there is a gate waiting for us, to carry us on to our next journey.  And there is patience, understanding, prayer, love, honesty, common ingredients to a beautiful “friendship”.

I am going to share with you my thoughts and my dreams.  However, I want you to remember that you still have the freedom to decide at the end of our road.  I am not sharing this with you now because you are apart from the structure of the building, but rather, I am sharing it with you now because I know, now is the time.  Time has harnessed and matures our “friendship”.

There are nights when I would think of us, together, then I would tell myself that it would be the fulfillment of my happiness.  I know this road is a rocky one but I never promised you that it would be a safe and smooth journey for both of us.  And I’m telling you that you won’t be travelling alone, because I would be there, walking with you.  If destiny were in my hands, I would have change everything. But, I am just a performer in this play. I am not the director and we can only follow His ways.

But should this “friendship” reached its end, I would not despair nor cry, because by then we can tell ourselves that we have followed the callings of our lives. And I won’t regret I missed the opportunity because I took all the chances given to me.  There will be no room for remorse, because I still have you for a “friendship” and this shall never cease…

I love you…

‘til the end of our crossroads….

From me