Flipside's The Craft of Making an eBook Webinar

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03/13/2012 - 9:00pm
03/13/2012 - 10:30pm


In this second webinar in Flipside’s ebook education series, ebook production experts, RJ Villarroel, Edmon Samson and Warren Dano, are going to talk about what it takes to make quality ebooks.

They’ll share the basic process of making an ebook, readily available tools for making epub and mobi files, and varied checks you can perform to find out whether your ebook passes muster. They’ll also talk about the importance of metadata in ebook production.

Publishing professionals involved in an ebook program, programmers, and authors who are interested in self-publishing their own books should attend this webinar.


RJ Villarroel - For more than 13 years, RJ Villarroel has served in sales and general management capacities in the pre-press and publishing sector. As Production Director of Flipside Digital Content Company, Inc., RJ owns responsibility for all aspects of production and R&D.

Edmon Samson - Edmon J. Samson is a Production Manager in Flipside Digital Content. He started out as an eBook/Research and Development Associate in the early days of Flipside. All in all, he has been in the eBook making industry for 12 years, gaining extensive knowledge on how to create different eBook formats. He also is the current Team Leader of Flipside's Research and Development team.

Warren Dano - A developer at Flipside Digital Content, Warren T. Dano has nearly 2 years of eBook conversion experience. His expertise is in developing tools and methodology for ebook production as well as research on creating special ebook formats. He is responsible for overall IT Development and Support, including the company's Web Development and Administration, Technical Support, eBook Technology Research and Development.

DATE: March 13, 2012
TIME: 900PM - 1030PM Philippine Time

Register at : https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/437193390

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QUEZON CITY, Metro Manila (March 2, 2012) – Flipside Publishing Services Inc., a local eBook publisher, is launching a series of eBook Education Webinar series starting March 2012. The first two webinars are titled eBook Publishing 101 and The Craft of Making an eBook.

"Webinar" is short for "web-based seminar" that is conducted over the Internet. These two webinars are made possible through Philippine Webinars and Mayer Virtual Consulting. The Flipside webinars are available for free. eBook Publishing 101 will be held on March 6, 9 pm, and The Craft of Making an eBook on March 13, 9 pm. People can register for the events at https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/295832966 and https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/437193390 respectively.

"We realized that we could help the industry and whoever else is interested in learning more about ebooks, from production to publishing to the other aspects in the ebook industry," says VP and General Manager Honey de Peralta.

Other planned programs in the eBook Education Webinar series include tutorials and lectures that will be made available on YouTube, as well as other planned webinars. For more details, you can visit Flipside's blog, http://flipsidepublishing.wordpress.com/.

About Flipside Publishing Services Inc.

Flipside Publishing Services Inc., sister company of Flipside Digital Content, is involved in leading-edge conversion, production, and publishing of eBooks. Over 100 eBooks are available for the Amazon Kindle, Apple iTunes, and B&N Nook.


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