"Face Book Before Facebook"

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MOST of the students in the Philippines are addicted to the social network called Facebook. Their parents are worried about their children’s grades because this social network affects their grades at school.

Facebook is a social networking site where the people can share their status, photos, videos and other information. You can add friends and communicate, connect and socialize with them by poking, messaging and chatting. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg on February 2004. Philippines is the 7th most active users in the world. Having 15,935,880 subscribe users. There are 845 million users of Facebook worldwide.

Study shows that 60%-70% of students are using Facebook ended up with their grades being affected. Facebook addiction is found out to be 350 times more addictive than cigarettes.

Parents are going to ban their children from logging in Facebook. The addiction of students affects their grades in school so their parents make this solution for them. This is a very important thing to do for them. What will be the reaction of their children about this? Did Facebook destroy the student’s priority? Is it good that parents giving punishment to their children by banning in Facebook? They have to face their books first before facing the computer and opening their accounts in Facebook.

Indeed, they must know their priorities lives – specially studying. Facebook shall remove the glues of student’s eyes in the pages of their books. Now, their parents want to crush the Facebook from their minds. Because of getting low grades in school, parents think for a solution on how their children can focus in their studies; this is banning their children on Facebook, not allowing in them to open their accounts, not able to communicate with strangers. “They have the rights to do that because the students are still under the protection and obligation of their parents. All of the children resources are from their parents, so, when they disciplined their children, which are for their own good. Maybe most of the students give priority in Facebook than on studying,” said Marlon Encarnado a Christian Educator. But, Jocelyn Tolentino-Seguin, a Planner & Tender Engineer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia said, “For me, I will not ban my children. If they want to open Facebook, fine with me as long as they have to follow my rules to browse it at specific and given time. RULES like: Study and do their assignment first and finish the household chores.” “I think it’s not all because of Facebook, it depends on the students how they give importance in their studies so for me Facebook must out of the topic,” said Dan Jofferson Prestousa, a student and a Facebook user. Students felt: frantically craving, very anxious, extremely antsy, miserable, jittery and crazy.

The solution of parents is for the better. Facing the books is not forbidden but for Facebook is; Facebook affects the daily lives of the students in the Philippines. Not just in the Philippines but for the whole world too. Students must have to prioritize.

Facing the books is for students’ to have high grades on school. Banning them from Facebook is for their own good.

dj Prestousa

by dj Prestousa on March 6, 2012 - 8:43pm

Face Book Before Facebook