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Improved Registration Process

Barely a week after our mailing problems have been solved, there's another great development regarding the registration process -- I was able to implement a better procedure for the creation of new accounts.

Now, new users will be asked to type in their e-mail address twice to ensure that there is no error in providing this important detail, and thus, making sure that the confirmation e-mail reaches the new user. Also, new users will be asked to provide their own password, and type it twice, too. This will guarantee errorless login, and easy recall the next time they visit the site.

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We're back in business

Just figured out that the banner troubles might have been more of a cache setting problem than another case of a hacking incident.

We reverted to a database backup from about two weeks ago, and because a post or so and some new users were lost, I restored these manually (I individually e-mailed the users -- around 3 or 4 of them). If you still can't find your post, just re-post it, and if you can't find your username (use the first search form) just create another account.

Everyone's posting privileges have also been restored.

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New Subscriptions Feature

In lieu of subscribing to a newsletter, you now have the ability to subscribe to certain content types and particular posts. Once logged in, you can set your subscriptions by clicking the my subscriptions link in your Navigation menu. Moreover, a "subscribe to this post" link at the bottom of each entry is now available.

Hope this new feature will help you keep abreast of the site's updates and activities.


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Posting moratorium lifted; unreceived passwords

I was about to restore the database from the backup I did the other day (after successfully doing it for when I realized that the backup might be incomplete. So in order to avoid the risk of restoring from an incomplete backup, I have decided to stick with my host's restore from their weekly backup, which is what you see now.

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Why some posts and users are missing

As you may already know, our site has been hacked (the reason why e-mail, particularly confirmation messages with your passwords have not been sent). We have already fixed the problem, and my host has restored the site from a weekly backup. I'm still trying to decide whether to restore the database backup from yesterday. Since there were only a few posts from this week, I might decide not to. There's a risk you see of ruining the entire database if I backup from yesterday.

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Password not sent; login problems

I noticed that a quirk in the system might have prevented you from receiving your password once registered.

If you don't get your password after registering, kindly e-mail me at filipinowriter(at)gmail(dot)com so I can manually set your password. (You may change it once you're logged in.) Notify me also if you're experiencing any login problems.


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Difficulty logging in?

I've noticed that some of you are having trouble logging in after registering. Kindly e-mail me at filipinowriter(at)gmail(dot)com or use the contact form if you encounter any difficulty logging in.

Here are a few tips to facilitate the log in process:

Tip 1: Due to caching, sometimes the page you see suggests that you are not logged in, but the best indication that you are already logged in is when you already see the Navigation Menu at the top left block with your username as the title (and "my account" as the first menu item.)

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New Topic classification feature for blogs (free-tagging)

You may now classify your blog entries according to your own categories. To create unique categories for you own blog for example, you may, if your name is Juan, enter in the Topic field, "Juan's Short Story in Progress," or "Juan's Idle Thoughts." It's up to you really -- be imaginative. :) You may enter as many terms as you want according to your own needs.

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Citing other works

Reminder: When posting, keep in mind copyright rules. Unless you have permission from the author, do not post in its entirety another author's work. Instead, cite a paragraph or two, or a few lines to emphasize your point and then provide a link to the particular work. And in case you were given permission, say so in your post, so the readers are also aware.

You may however post press releases/announcements without cutting them.