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Updated Critiquing Guidelines

by noid

Please read.

Why site temporarily down

by noid

The site was down (suspended) for a while today. Turned out the site was using too much of the CPU resources of my host's server. We are however trying to pinpoint the problem (might be one or two of the blocks, or a newly-installed script). Thanks for your understanding.

Site errors fixed

by noid

Earlier today, and probably yesterday, you might have had problems accessing the site, usually in the form of "You don't have permission to access this page" messages. It turned out that my web host was having server problems. The problems are fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

New "Similar Entries" Block

by noid

To help everyone in exploring the site, I've added an extra block at the right column of the page called "Similar Entries." Hope this will help you discover archived entries you may find interesting and/or relevant.


How to Critique Works

by noid

I am pleased that some of you have taken the time to comment on and/or critique other people’s works or works-in-progress. To keep things civil and to avoid unwittingly discouraging others to post their works, let me list some guidelines on how to evaluate posted works:

1. First off, try to keep an open mind when reading a written work, and try to imagine the author’s intentions when he wrote it.

Removed feedback form

by noid

I removed the feedback form and replaced it with a page containing my e-mail address filipinowriter at gmail dot com. This is to avoid the user not seeing the instruction NOT to use the feedback form in the meantime.

If you used the feedback form in the past and did not receive any reply from me, e-mail me again your concern at the aforementioned e-mail address. Thanks.

Subscribe to via e-mail!

by noid

You can now subscribe to's posts via e-mail. Just click on the "Subscribe" icon of the "Subscribe to FilipinoWriter" block -- or you can go directly to the URL -- and you will be taken to a page which explains how to subscribe via e-mail and/or RSS.

Non-authenticated users granted full access to the site

by noid

The confirmation links are perhaps not being sent due to mail server failure, so for the moment non-authenticated users are granted full access to the site, and now have the ability to post. But please still click the confirmation link if you receive it so that you're promoted to authenticated user status.

If you have non-authenticated status and haven't received the confirmation message/ link e-mail me at filipinowriter(at)gmail(dot)com, so I can promote you to authenticated user status. Thanks.

What to do if you can't remember your username or your password

by noid

I've noticed that a few of you have difficulty logging in, perhaps having forgotten your username or password. If this happens to you, just request for a new password at . You will be asked to enter either your username OR (if you can't remember your username) your e-mail address. If you enter your e-mail address and it is already registered at the site, the system will tell you that a new password has beem e-mailed to you (along with your username).

Visibility of your post

by noid

To ensure that your post can be viewed by everyone, just set the post to viewable by Public, without checking the other groups -- checking the other groups even if Public is chosen, limits the visibility of the post to those certain groups only. Moreover, visitors or non-members won't be able to see your post because they haven't registered and chosen a group yet.

In general, post your literature as Public, and other content types, too.