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Former 'Review' Now 'Solo-Review'

by noid

If you want an alternative to the rated review content type, where you have to add an Amazon node first, and then create a rated review below it, you may now also use the former 'review' content type, which is now called 'solo-review.'

Welcome to a New and Improved!

by noid

We're back! Laughing

At last, I'm done upgrading the site. Posting content and comments are again enabled. Furthermore, has the following additional, modified, and/or improved features:

We're Upgrading; Content Creation/Editing Disabled

by noid

Hi folks!

To serve you better, we're upgrading the site. To facilitate the process, creation and editing of content -- including comments -- are disabled.

In the meantime, to get a taste of what will be in store for once it's upgraded, you may head out to our sister site, which has already undergone the upgrade. Feel free to post and comment there -- you may want to read about's new features before posting., DigitalFilipino Web Awards Finalist

by noid

Yup, our community is one of the finalists in the Books category of the DigitalFilipino Web Awards sponsored by Janette Toral's Thank you to everyone for making our site,, a very vibrant community! :)

Post your comments on the post's thread

by noid

Per request of this site's users, please post your comments on the thread your commenting on -- that is, don't post your comments pertaining to that particular entry on your blog. That way, everything is organized, and the 'Recent Posts' block would be more helpful to site visitors and members. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Site errors

by noid

I apologize for the site errors this past couple of days. My web host had some technical problems. Thanks.

Added blogyonomo content types

by noid

For those wishing to blog their novels here at during Blog Your Novel Month this whole month of October, I created two blogyonomo content types: blogyonomo-with-comment (commenting enabled) and blogyonomo-without-comment(commenting disabled).

Blog Your Novel Month Tomorrow October 1

by noid

The storm has passed, and things have yet to go back to total normalcy. I’m writing this at the house of a friend and I don’t know yet if the power and telephone is back up at my house. Lives have been lost and properties destroyed –- one of which is the house of my cousin back in the province which burned down at the height of the typhoon -- but life has to go on. Blog Your Novel Month –- BlogYoNoMo –- seems extremely trivial now in the face of this tragedy, but life has to go on. Invitation

by noid

Over the past three weeks, I've been busy with creating another sister site to Today, I launched the site. It's called, which is primarily meant for Filipino filmmakers and film aficionados.

I'm posting the e-mail invitation below in case you want to inform your friends. Thank you, and more power to Philippine art and artists.


Hello folks!

Seeing the need for a portal for Filipino filmmaking,
I created – -- for the past three weeks,
and I think it is now ready to be launched.

Happy Birthday!

by noid

Indeed, time goes by really quick. It’s exactly been a year now since I sent out the first invites to, and now, 909 members, 1486 posts, 276,279 page views (according to AwStats), and almost 40,000 (70,603 according to AwStats) visitors later, the site is seeing steady, if not exponential, growth.