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Do Not Link to File Sharing Sites Or Post Entire Articles From Other Sites; Observe Copyright Laws & Fair Use

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Last April 4, the Google Ads from my site have been removed due to alleged copyright violation. I am appealing said penalty since this site has tried its best ever since to comply with the policies of the Google Adsense Program.

In this regard, I am asking everyone not to post complete articles from other sites unless you own or co-own the copyright (exceptions are events or articles created for marketing or promotional purposes) and to remove or report any similar violations. Always observe the fair use rule (quotes/excerpts only, etc) in posting content.

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Temporary Registration Guidelines

To prevent spammers from registering at the site, I will be the one to create new user accounts in the meantime. If you want to create a user account, send me an e-mail message at using the E-MAIL ADDRESS  you want to register your account with and the USERNAME you want to use.


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Issues Resolved; Registration Now Requires Administrator Approval for the past few days has been experiencing problems. Our web host was already able to restore the site from a most recent backup with the issues now resolved. 

To address the issue as well  of spam and spam users registering -- which may or may not have something to do with our site's recent problems -- I changed the settings of the site so that registration now requires administrator approval.

Might also upgrade the site soon to a newer version of Drupal, the Content Management System (CMS) we are using.

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How to Post Class Assignments

Okay, let's give this a try. I have been reading past posts regarding the issue of posting class assignments in particular this thread, and I might have been a bit hasty in ruling not to allow class assignments in this site. To solve this problem, and this is on an experimental basis for now, to see if it's effective, I have a created a new content type 'class assignment'.

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No Posting of Class Assignments

Update: Disregard this post and read my editorial How to Post Class Assignments.


To all students posting works for the purpose of fulfilling their class requirement, kindly create instead a yahoogroup where your professor can check and view your assignments/works. is responsible for providing a pleasant experience to its members, and the site being inundated by similarly-titled works does not contribute to such an experience. In other words, no spamming please.

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Attn: Admins. Please Delete Spam & Spammers

To the FW members who I assigned as admininstrators, please delete the spam and spammers once you see them. That's why I assigned you as admins so you won't have to wait for my instructions, or for me deleting them myself. :)

Just a few tips.

1. Before deleting the spammer, use the track tab to see what else the spammer has posted. Then once you see them in the track page go to each of the spam comments/posts and delete them one by one.

2. After deleting the spam posts then you can delete the spammer account.

Thanks a lot again for your help!


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Joren Reysoma (Closet Writer) Passes Away

(via Rom) member, Joren Reysoma, passed away this afternoon at the PGH from pneumonia. Our deepest condolences. Keeping Joren and his loved ones in our prayers...

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Resolve: Posting Class Assignments

Hello everyone. The (FW) community has an issue to resolve with regard to students posting their class reports and/or assignments here at the site.

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Unmoderated Registration Back

Things seemed to have settled here at the site, and there are less, if at all, spammers registering. I have restored the registration process to its original settings and I won't be approving registration anymore -- you will receive in the e-mail address you used to register the welcome message with the validation link, and once you click the validation link, you will gain authenticated status and will be able to post.

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Registration now Requires Administrator Approval; Re Spammers

Hello Members!

Sorry I have been very busy lately so I wasn't able to monitor the site  and act post-haste on the spammers that have been disturbing this site. As initial remedies, I have: