Drink Like Lord Byron

I confess ignorance on wine. But when I tasted my first slug in the evening, I no longer care about ignorance and just binge instead on my regular dose of this so-called "nectar of inspiration" (cripes that phrase!). Yet, crap or not, this remains a real nice substitute when your brain and the people around fail you. Yes, that Lord Byron kind of thing.... more>>>

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So sad to say, but alcohol

So sad to say, but alcohol doesn't seem to affect your creativity. You still suck.

Thanks j.luna for

Thanks j.luna for psychoanalyzing my poor workz. But the wierd thing is, I seem to agree with you. It's all CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP! And here's some more: It sucks sucks sucks! But dude, if the said poor article above is oozing with creativity and would pass as good enough to sell for some good bucks to some online wine magazine somewhere, you would not have seen it here. So I just post the blogpost here which sucks because I am an evil man. And besides, if you just continue reading the rest of the crappy screed, you'd have find out that I wrote it when the brainz had its share of drainz, and the mind just spurted out nothing but shitz..' In other words, thanks dude for continuing my avid angry (also probably unlaid) reader.

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I dunno, I have never read

I dunno, I have never read any of your stuff anyway. I haven't even clicked any of the links you've posted.

I just enjoy saying that you suck.