Divine Irony/Tell Me How

by alcor eldioan

Tell me how to walk

the streets of no-earth,

the path of yesterday,

back to you, runaway

when all that I’ve

longed and fought for

was that of the future.


Tell me how to live

an immortal life

born and owed to death,

taught and prolonged by death

and after all finds end in death


Tell me how to lie,

unlove, leave, regret then break free

to close my eyes of hopes

stop the rain and don’t feel

when everything sings our song

and everything’s made of



Now tell me how to recreate

what seem to be uncreated or created unwell

what seem to be imperfect and destroyed

when there’s nothing I know but ruin


Tell me how to decode

the secrets of rebirth

of the elements unborn

of autumn

and its flowers untorn


Tell me how

to unburn myself,

when all that I was

is falling remains of fire…



[SAS-OJT at SM Advantage Market Convergence, Inc. (MCI), OneE-COM, 4th floor Harbor Drive, MOA, Pasay /1:26 PM June 22, 2012/Friday]


[What makes a better title? Parang nalito ako sa irony… don’t worry mae-edit pa naman ito.]