Conversations With My Self

by jonas_01

[5:52 AM, Friday]

Self: Heyy Jonas, wake-up!

Jonas: How’s tha deal, mmmh wahtzz zzzzzzZZ

Self: Cripes, man, wake-up!

Jonas: Shhudup, Self. It’s (looks for his cuckoo clock) where's my fricking cuckoo clock for goodness’ sakes?

Self: You never have one.

Jonas: Well, it is 5:53 in the morning! You know I don’t get up at 5:53. I'm always up at 8. You know that.

Self: Yes. But it’s different now. You've a new job.

Jonas: I have?

Self: Yes. Remember that very pretty HR lass that interviewed you yesterday? She called up last night and told you you got the job, but you're very drunk and you thought she's Vivien Leigh from Gone With The Wind.. read more>>>

by NellELLIS on January 1, 2011 - 5:21am

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