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You may reach me, Dino Manrique, the publisher of at -- filipinowriter at gmail dot com -- for any concerns regarding this site.

If you have problems posting, please make sure that you have authenticated status before contacting me. This means that you should have clicked the validation link (the link with the word "validate") in the welcome e-mail you received (subject: "Account Details..") after registering.


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Employment Ads

I don't see where or how to submit ads to employ Filipino job seekers. Can you direct me?



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On your Navigation menu,

On your Navigation menu, click 'create content.' Then click 'job.'

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hello sir..

I'm a new member of this site..

since I research about the "Legend of Durian" by Damiana Eugenio. I decided to create an account on this site to helped me on searching, do you have any materials on that Legend?



how to delete a post?

how to delete a post?

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shijin 123 is using FW to

shijin 123 is using FW to advertise his/her wares through the comments window. How can we erase this unwanted "comment"?

Ed Roa

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Sorry about that, Ed.

Sorry about that, Ed. Already deleted the spammer and the comments. (Also found another spammer account and deleted the posts.) There are also moderators who are tasked to delete spam. :)