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Thesis titles

by robleza

mga kapatid sa Filipino writers!!

I just want your urgent help to give me suggestions about our thesis topics. Can you please give me some of  the good topics to conduct a study? I hope that the subjects or the people that are in need to interview for primary data are easy to connect with, for the topic you are going to suggest . I live in Valenzuela city :)



My Life on Paper

by Mary Joy Estaniol

"Life is an opportunity, benefit it.

 Life is beauty, admire it.

 Life is a challenge, meet it.

 Life is a struggle, accept it."


My Life on Paper

by gladys tac-an


My Life on Paper

by edmundo parnada jr

Wonderful faces having faith in God. God is my guide and my savior in every trial that comes in my life for me to become stronger. Although I couldn’t imagine for many years ago as crazy guy. So far, I need to undergo problems in life. Now I really understand step by step the forgotten pass and move to the present that I have.

My Life On Paper

by Earl Jane Macapelit

"Life is challenge that we ought to face, you lose some, you win some but if you never give up sacrifices you have a greatest rewards."

I was born on April 14, 1994 in the Paradise City of Surigao del Norte. My name is Earl Jane Dullo Macapelit, the charming daughter of Mr. Ernie Macapelit and Mrs. Jean Macapelit. I have three beautiful sisters Jeanellane, Kate and Cecil and one handsome brother Earl Jun. I having fun of watching movies, listening musics and being with my friends.

My Life On Paper

by Ian Mark Cuñado...

     Many people think that they've know me already but not.Yes, they know my name, a little bit of my character but not all of me; of what's here deep within, even those I can call friends.

My Life On Paper

by Jason D. Lasconia

Some people talked behind my back, sometimes they say unpleasant things about me, but the thing is, they only knew my name and never my story. My name is Jason Delegencia Lasconia, eighteen years old at this time. I am celebrating my birthday every 28th day of February. I was born at Purok Malimas Anakan, Gingoog City and currently living there.

My Life on Paper

by ailyn mae

                    "Life comes in many shapes

                    You think you know what you've got

                    Until it changes

                    And life you take it high and low..."

My Life On Paper

by gladys tac-an

         "Life is so uncertain, puzzling and most of the time - surprising".

          It was 12:45 in the dawn when a mother named Arcelita G. Balista gave birth at the Lipunan Hospital a baby girl named Gladys Tac-an. The reason why they published the name Gladys was that, it represented as a cherished person and as a lucky girl in their life.