Christ The Lord: Out Of Egypt

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Christ The Lord: Out Of Egypt
Anne Rice

I was skeptical when I first read this novel. But Anne Rice is a brilliant writer and I trust her in her style of writing were she can rip off an era and transform it into a masterpiece novel. Same thing as she created a world of the seven year old boy Jesus as his journey unfolded in the pages of this book to his discovery about his true divinity. Anne Rice’s descriptive style of writing enthralled me as I feasted on the contemporary life of a Jewish family on the first century world. This fiction story of the boy Jesus came to life in my mind as I traveled from ancient Egypt to the old cobblestone in the Jewry community in Israel, to the pilgrimage of Passover and the caravan that surpassing the land of Jericho to witness the great Synagogues of Jerusalem. I was mesmerized and often held my breath as the boy Yeshua discovered his true calling as the living God when his supernatural power manifested, as he can create a living bird out of clay or even take life or give life.  The boy Jesus journey through this novel in search for meaning of his birth and his existence leads me to a profound and intense climactic ending. I consider this book as a reflective reading material that will help readers take a time off and check their spiritual growth. Fiction as it is but it will allow readers to be lost in the pages of this novel for a few second and linger in a different time were they witness the beginning of the great mystery, the origin of the oldest legend of all and the true metaphysical supernatural being, the story of the boy Jesus Christ.         

by islamaustralia on July 16, 2011 - 6:10pm

Lovely book . I like this book .