Change, Chance, Choice and Spiderman

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He’s way a lot cuter in black suit. And when I said ‘he’ I meant Spiderman. Yeah right, he’s your friendly neighborhood who wouldn’t hurt anyone’s teeny little fingertip. But guess what? He’s changed but not for long though. At least he has had the moment of breaking free from his normal self. I envy him for that. I’m dying for a change-- a new image, maybe some new friends or new environment to live. I mean, this humdrum existence is just too boring. You do the same things everyday and at the same time. You walk the same path everyday and see people all the same. I need change just like Spiderman.

            Spiderman is truly in the person of Peter Parker. He’s a geek in his twenties – and a cute one at that. He’s everybody’s doormat and can’t even stand for himself. But alas! The heavens open an opportunity for this fellow. I like the new attitude his wearing—again, not too long—and in a way it made him feel good. I guess there’s nothing bad about being not so good unless it hurts another person. But come to think of it. We’re humans. He’s a human. And we have faults. Cry if you must. And stand up for yourself when you feel people have step on you. Say things you want to say, don’t hold back. If you won’t stand up for yourself, nobody else will.

            As a person and as a friend, it comes so natural to us to hold back from confront our friends about their misfits and faults. Instead, we say things which they want to hear and it’s not good at all. In the long run, mistakes just keep on repeating. Pretensions and misunderstanding are enemies of relationships. In the movie, Spiderman 3, Peter Parker and his friend Harry had an understanding. It went deep and hungered for revenge (It come this far as Movie 3 to finally settle their disputes.) because there were lots of things left unsaid. And the world gets involved in the process. When two friends quarrel, another friend is affected. And eventually, more people will get hurt. Reality check, we’re not helping at all. So, when you have the chance, say what you feel, how you truly feel. After all, it’s what friendship is about.

            Change. That’s what the world needs and it better be for the betterment of the people not just for oneself. Though things happen inevitably in the wrong way just remember what Spiderman said, “Whatever comes our way, whatever battle we have raging inside us, we always have a choice… It's the choices that make us who we are, and we can always choose to do what's right”.

by Fur Elise Da Mirage on May 21, 2007 - 2:28pm

It's the reason why Spiderman is now widely favored amongst the Marvel Heroes than Superman and Batman put together...

It's funny if you look at the American History...

Superman was the ideal hero in the depression --- everyone longed for a Messiah

Batman was the ideal super hero in the cold war--- you gotta teach those bastard that we can just be as bad as we are kind.

And now Spidey becomes the next big thing because of the new generation sensitive to all the information they are gathering but are too young to think about it so they make mistakes... they hurt, they fight, they massacre their classmates and even the homeless people because they act on their own emotions... they can't take too much information but their own...

Now... forget America for a second... what about the Philippines? Do we have icons like that at all? Do we have a Gagambang Lalaki or Paniking Lalaki? I think not because NO ONE  seem to take anything seriously. Hunger and they laugh at you... scream, they still laugh at you. Complain, they will STILL laugh at you... even if it's about them you're rambling about... for their OWN sake... And it makes me tired... I almost want to give up on our people...




by tween_07 on July 23, 2007 - 11:03pm

Filipinos walk backward.. that's why.. It's a habit and a very hard one to break..