Search for Accoustic Star (from Whirled Peace)

Here's one of those rare chances that comes once in a while, giving some of us the oppurtunity of proving our great worth, or bereft of it, as the next big thing in Philippine Music. Here's more>>>

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hi jonas~~~

Hi jonas, would you be joining?

Oh, by the way, I'll try subscribing to your blog ^-^

Hope to hear more from you soon

Much sooner then, thanks.

Much sooner then, thanks. Surely appreciate it jump or rain (whichsoever'). Well, anyway, I'm one of the people working behind the show, conceptualizing it and all. You can invite friends to join. It's an oppurtunity to make your heartsong be heard, so they say. It's easy to join too, you just record your music, upload it in 88DB, inform your folks you join the contest and you can be a winner if they cast their votes for you, I mean all of them voting - their friend's friends too, or just let the people in the so-called interwebz do us the favor to be the judge. Well, that's that and thanks again man.


And, ummm, of course, there's one good singer in this site that I'd also love to join the said contest. I'm thinking of you Pmel!


No! Seriously! I AM blushing. 


jonas_01 wrote:
And, ummm, of course, there's one good singer in this site that I'd also love to join the said contest. I'm thinking of you Pmel!

I knew someone was thinking of me somewhere out there and it was you.Thanks. I appreciate it but ...

Isn't it strictly for Cebuanos? And ... I don't play the guitar. ^^;

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Yay Pmel ~~~

I have been quite a member here but I was out of loop for a while. It seems like Pmel is the "princess" here ^-^ Ah, have you heard about "you-got-a-phone-number-right" thingy lol jking


Wanna trade places?

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Wanna live in a condo? <(^-^)> lol







Jonas ...

Um ... I just want to thank you again for introducing me to this contest. Thank you so much. I'll be watching the contestants and voting on them. It's the least I can do.

We'll be happy to have

We'll be happy to have you..I know a very good one when I heard it..and besides your song still lingers in me head here..It's actually open to all of us Filipinos who got some knack in acoustics. It's just that Cebu's the host city this time for its coming Sinulog Festival. You can ask one of your friends to accompany your singing. It's maximum of two actually. Upload one of your best videos, enjoy some fun and get 15K for it.


I hope Talulot can join. ;)

cool nga!

thanks pmel for considering me. :) ako naman ang nagblush ngayon. hehehe kaso ang layo eh..  sali ka ha and hone your voice. you got talent girl. (don't  mind  some freak out there telling us we don't have any hehehe)




"hinahangin ang talulot na malaya, mula sa bulaklak na sinta hanggang sa matabang lupa.. siya ay ligaya, musa ng pagkadakila.."

Hello there..Pmel told us

Hello there..Pmel told us here you got something for us. Make our day dude, upload one of your best videos here, and of course you need not to go to Cebu to do that, just upload it there. We'll expect your entry man. And yes you're right never mind them freaks (that's why we call them that) telling you, or us for that matter, we don't have something to awesome them, showing them too why we call them that.

i've seen your post. thank

i've seen your post. thank you for the invitation. i'll see what i can upload there. thanks.


now i've seen the mechanics.

 it says open to 'all who are residing within the cebu province' pwede pa ba ako?


i hope rizza cabrera would join! she's a cebuana and a good songwriter. but i think she's only 16.



"hinahangin ang talulot na malaya, mula sa bulaklak na sinta hanggang sa matabang lupa.. siya ay ligaya, musa ng pagkadakila.."

They also say that if you're

They also say that if you're below 18, you need to get permission from your parents/guardians so you can submit didn't they?

I think it was posted there somewhere. Read it again. :)

where am i?

i am wandering inside the wilderness.Laughing

jonas, what am i gonna do? hehe..

anyway, just a part of my identity, im one of the craps working at 88DB..and i am also like jonas who is deeply inviting you to join the Search for Acoustic Star..

Get out from the Twilight-bandwagon. Come on, notice us and get noticed! Laughing


Oh hi! Hello Paula, gee

Oh hi! Hello Paula, gee dear..Lolshahaha!


yeah, am told me eh. hehe

i have been having sedentary life for a month already. i stink!


im so nonsense.hehe

wala ra ko mahimo since our stupid back office is malfunctioning again.nakakabanas..

Paula's one of my best bets

Paula's one of my best bets in acoustic but she's one of the people orchestrating the show. Hehehe. And yeah I know. Today's a damned good waste. It's now 5pm and I feel like a drunk.


yeah i agree with you man!

im making the 15k fly and flirt right in front of my eyes with my hands frozen and tied in an oak tree..

(yatik kahahambogan ko nala)-->to all who understands this: a hint of my identity. Laughing

but since i am an 88DB chuva, i cant do anything but stare at the opportunity.hehe..well, giving a chance to the rest.haha..

bitaw, frends im just kidding. i wish im not an employee of Jobsdb. Nevertheless, i wanna see you guys rock there! and il be at your back..


(ay mali, acoustic one will rock).hahaha.Tongue out


bitaw, make yourself indelible!