Call for contributions - Spindle, An Online Journal

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About Spindle

Consider the tension in something so subtle and ordinary that can cut as much as create — like the act of writing, or the precision of words, the cruelty in meaning. Consider how the spindle serves as the axis around which we build; how we use it to hold things together.

SPINDLE is an ever-expanding online journal with one new, featured work every Monday. It is maintained by a group of individuals based in the Philippines – readers, writers and students of literature - who simply want more home-grown venues for the literary and visual arts.

We’re open to different forms, genres, and media. We publish poetry, prose, artwork and essays of all sorts. We accept collaborations, essays on craft, interviews, hypertext, sequential art, works from a series, and whatever you think counts as literature, art, an intersection thereof, or simply a piece that deserves an audience.

Local writers and artists may be our focus, but we welcome submissions from everyone.


  • We’re always on the look­out for new work. Submissions are accepted year-round – there’s no deadline.
  • You may send up to three (3) entries per month.
  • Text submissions must be in Eng­lish or Filipino.
  • All submissions must be sent as DOC, RTF, PDF, JPG, or PNG files unless otherwise required by the nature or medium of your work.
  • Filenames should conform to this format: lastname_title(nospaces), ex. Doe_OnFame
  • Attach the files to an email addressed to with the subject line [submission: your name], ex. On Fame: John Doe
  • Send; then forget about it for now. If we accept your submission/​s, we’ll send you an email within 4 – 6 weeks.
  • We only accept unpublished work. You’re free to submit them to other venues once we have published them, or if we don’t con­tact you within two months of receiv­ing your work. 
  • If you have any inquiries, you may direct them to spindle.​ph@​gmail.​com. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
One work every Monday
4 weeks