Call Center Interview Questions and Tips (Part One)

This might be the most challenging article I am writing for this blog! Yet indeed, when I was starting to apply for a call center job not so long ago, the availability of a list of most probably asked call center interview questions was something which I knew back then would be of a great help, especially for call center virgins like I was before (people who have no call center job experience yet). I gathered as much information as I could find from online, newspapers, magazines, and from my training with Verbal Advantage, too. Surprisingly, I got so many of them which I needed to categorize them by the most likely answers needed to hear or to know by the interviewer.

According to Kyle Gianan, my former trainer in Verbal Advantage, more often than not, interviews in call center recruitment process start with: Tell me something about yourself. Your answer for this should run for 1-2 minutes. It is your chance to sell yourself to the recruiter by banking on your qualifications and skills. This will also mark the start where they will be assessing your oral English communication skill which is the primarily important skill you should have to pursue a call center career (especially for voiced accounts). You can perfect this part by doing a pre-interview practice, and better if you had written a script which you should have memorized already by the day of the interview.

What to write in the tell-me-something script? Kyle advised to do it in the following order, if applicable: personal background, family background, educational attainment, work experience, seminars/trainings, skills, and hobbies. You can also change the order as needed, or if appropriate, you can add another item. You should close the script with a positive ending like, “If you will hire me, I want to start as soon as possible.” This line expresses your eagerness and interest to work in their company which will add to your points of getting hired.

When answering the following questions, use the power of positive scripting. Believe me that it really works! You can say something not-so-good using positive scripting which, more often than not, will lessen the gravity of its negativity, or if it’s really your day, it could transform the negativity of your answer into a positive one. It is all like playing a court game where you need to win the case by your own words.

One more thing, though. Be confident and make them feel you mean every word you say. Interviews are simple marketing game wherein you are selling yourself. Just think of the prize: a job. Now here is the first part of my list of questions that are most likely asked in an interview.

Questions for Qualifications

The list below is likely to be asked to call center virgins, although some of them can still be asked to someone who has already a call center experience.

1. Do you like talking to different people and personalities?

People who want to work in call center should be capable of dealing with different types of people. Every caller is different from other callers, given that they are calling for the same issue. In this question, your answer should be yes. It is better if you can relate a successful or fine situation where you had talked with a group of people of different personalities.

2. Have you sold anything over the phone?

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i've recruited for bpo's for about 3 years...


1. don't make a script for your interview

2. as much as possible begin by saying something that's not in your resume, a good interviewer has already reviewed your information.

3. when recruiters ask you about yourself, they are really not interested about your personal information, the manner by which you answer this will set you apart from other candidates and make you memorable.

4. start instead by saying trivia about yourself. and make sure that you use english as comfortably as possible. if you have a problem with pronunciation, use small words. simplicity is very important.


so sorry, i don't agree with kyle. 


Kung ano man yung narinig mo, hindi "I love you" yun! Assumera!

Hi there,   Thank you for

Hi there,


Thank you for the comment. It is okay if you don't agree with Kyle. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Just like you, I am just sharing my experiences.  And I am okay with doing the script. Although yours is coming from the perspective of someone who does the interview which is helpful, and I think has more authority. I appreciate that. And I agree with you that simplicity is important.