What are your Submission Guidelines?

FilipinoWriter.com's Submission Guidelines

Editor's note: For the moment, we've changed FilipinoWriter.com from a paying to a non-paying market until we can afford to pay contributors sufficiently. Remuneration meantime will come in the form of a short bio, which will help the contributing writer market himself or his works. We also amended the submission guidelines to make the site more liberal in the kinds of article it can accept.

Except for articles, posting of all content types -- literature, works-in-progress, reviews, events, jobs, markets, forum topics -- does not require approval. You have the option to delete any of your posts, including article content types, at any time.

On the other hand, if you want to submit an article, here are the Submission Guidelines (please read carefully especially the second bullet point which says that an article should only be about WRITING and READING):

  • Create an article by using the article content type.
  • Your article should be based, ideally, on your experiences and may deal with any or a combination of the following topics:
    • the craft of writing (how-to's)
    • your experiences as a writer
    • how you succeeded as a writer, that is, how you got rewarded as a writer with publication, awards, or most especially with monetary remuneration or making a living as a writer.
    • your experiences as a reader of literature.
  • Your article should be at least 300 words, and can be in English, Filipino or combination of both.
  • Your submitted article could be previously published or could be an original article.
  • FilipinoWriter.com acquires non-exclusive "Internet rights," and you have the option to delete your article at any time. In case of original articles, you also have the option to publish it again elsewhere.
  • Make sure to fill out the Author's Bio field (around 30 words). If you have a website, or a home or resume page you created in FilipinoWriter.com, be sure to include it. It will be great for marketing yourself and your works. The rest of the pertinent info about you will be found in your user profile at FilipinoWriter.com, of course.